Hoosiers mark first day of Sunday alcohol sales

Hoosiers mark first day of Sunday alcohol sales
Indiana residents can buy alcohol on Sundays for the first time since the 1800s.

CLARKSVILLE, IN (WAVE) – A steady stream of customers poured into Keg Liquors as soon as the clock struck noon on Sunday.

For the first time since the pre-Prohibition era, people in Indiana can buy alcohol on Sundays once again. And customers were rushing in to pick up what they need.

"You know, the customers that are coming in are happier than normal. And you know, our first customer was just ecstatic, 'do I get my receipt on the wall'?" said Keg Liquors Owner Todd Antz.

Antz said he and many others around the state were unsure lawmakers would succeed in legalizing alcohol sales all seven days of the week. It's a plan that's been tried and failed plenty of times before.

"It was a relief, more than anything," Antz said.

The bill allows alcohol sales noon - 8 p.m. on Sundays.

"Sunday alcohol, it's like a holiday around here now. I wanted to be the first one but I'm a little bit late," customer Derek Warren of Sellersburg said. "I think everybody gets the itch on Sunday, too. We've got football games, family dinners and we've been missing out. We've been missing out on money for the state."

Even Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb joined in the first Sunday purchases, buying some beer from a shop in Indianapolis four days after signing the bill, according to the Associated Press.

"I just stopped by to get beer and realized it's the first Sunday I could do it," Jeffersonville resident Johnathan Leffew said.

After years of losing business to shops on the other side of the river, Antz and other store owners want to bring that business back.

"We hope the people of Kentucky realize, we're open at noon. You can come over an hour early," Antz said.

Fabulous Liquor Land is one of the first liquor stores coming across the bridge into Indiana.

One of the owners at Fabulous Liquor Land, Tonya Pfister, opened up the shop from noon until 6 p.m. on Sunday. She said customers came in continuously, many just to participate in the historic Sunday.

"Oh it's been very steady. We had probably six cars within the first five minutes that we were open. People were excited to see the Sunday sales and yeah, they were excited," Pfister said.

Many customers there said they were excited to spend their dollars locally on Sundays at businesses in southern Indiana once again.

Now, shops like Fabulous Liquor and Keg Liquors can capitalize on the customers who were driving across the bridges to buy their booze.

"It was always making a trip across the bridge just to go to Louisville to get beer or alcohol on Sundays," Leffew said.

Now, Leffew said he'll shop at Keg Liquors on Sundays.

"Oh yeah, probably every one of them," he said.

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