WAVE 3 News Editorial - March 13, 2018: Wrongful convictions

WAVE 3 News Editorial: Those wrongfully convicted should be compensated
Updated: Mar. 13, 2018 at 6:04 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - People who are wrongfully incarcerated should be compensated. That's the case by state statute in 32 states. Indiana and Kentucky are not among them.

We encourage both legislatures to join the others. Spending time in jail for something you didn't do is cruel, and monetary payment is hardly fair compensation, but it helps.

We certainly implore law enforcement to get it right, but when they don't, the victim should have recourse. Costly litigation battles add more insult to the injury.

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We applaud Courier Journal for fighting to open a sealed statement from a witness that helped clear a Louisville man of a murder conviction.

Kenny Porter sued and will be compensated $7.5 million for 11 years behind bars for a murder he didn't commit, but the theft of precious family time can never be repaid.

Litigation continues in other cases that may add to the more than $21 million Louisville has paid out in wrongful imprisonment cases the past 11 years. State statute for compensation for these victims may not necessarily preclude these lawsuits, but could.

The number of these wrongful imprisonment cases must decrease and for that to happen, a change is likely needed as well in law enforcement procedures that don't seem to be working.

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