Already lining shelves for spring, stores get out shovels and sleds

Already lining shelves for spring, stores get out shovels and sleds
Brownsboro Hardware had to put the spring essentials back in the back to pull out the winter staples on March 21.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The latest snowfall on the first two days of spring comes just as people were excited about flowers and the Kentucky Derby has most in WAVE Country digging out again.

Wednesday morning's snowfall weighed down trees and power lines all across town.

"I'm over it; I'm ready for it to go away," Megan Kute said of the winter weather. But the late snowstorm brought sheer delight to her 3-year-old son, George, who was excited about his sledding date with his mom.

With icicles dangling above, the grills sitting outside are now covered in a foot of white snow at Brownsboro Hardware.

Underneath the colorful new spring and Easter presentations in the store, next to the gardening and barbeque sauce shelves, you'll find the sleds out again, along with scrapers, shovels and ice melt, just over from the hummingbird solar bird bath. Store employees had put away all of the winter stock a few days ago.

"We were getting ready for spring, " Brownsboro Hardware Owner Jim Lehrer said. "We had the fertilizer out, the grills of course on display and we had five grill deliveries set for today as a matter of fact."

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Luckily, Lehrer said he keeps the key winter merchandise items in stock year-round including generators.

"This morning and last night we were pulling it back out," he laughed.

Lehrer had just returned with a fresh tan from a Fort Lauderdale vacation to answer some early-morning phone calls.

"A guy called at 7 this morning; he wanted to see if we had sleds," he said. "He needed four of them because the kids are off of school and he had to head to work."

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