Snow days mean changes for some Indiana school calendars

Snow days mean changes for some Indiana school calendars
Poor road conditions from heavy wet snow led to the many school districts calling off classes.
West Clark Schools Superintendent John Reed (Source: James Thomas, WAVE 3 News)
West Clark Schools Superintendent John Reed (Source: James Thomas, WAVE 3 News)
Many children spent the day enjoying the snow. (Source: James Thomas, WAVE 3 News)
Many children spent the day enjoying the snow. (Source: James Thomas, WAVE 3 News)

. - CLARK COUNTY, IN (WAVE) - The snow created a slushy mess for many Wednesday and forced many school districts to call off class for the day, impacting the school calendar in some districts.

At West Clark Schools, kids were supposed to be inside making up a snow day. But when district leaders looked outside this morning, they knew class would have to wait and the calendar would need to change.

"That's Indiana weather for you," said John Reed, Superintendent at West Clark Schools.

Reed woke up at 3:30 a.m. He joined other district leaders to inspect road conditions and determine if it was safe for students and buses to be on the roads. It was not the ice but the thick snow on roads Wednesday that led Reed to call off classes. So instead of hitting the books, kids in the district are hitting the slopes.

"Sledding," said Sophie and Emma Mannucci, first and fourth graders at Silver Creek Elementary School.

"This snow we had earlier, yeah it wasn't quite enough," said Rickey Lindsey. "It melted so fast you couldn't really do much. So there's finally enough snow that they can get some speed going down that hill."

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Lindsey and his son Lucas, 7, were sledding, skiing and snowboarding their way down the hill near St. John Paul II Catholic School in Sellersburg. And they were not the only ones. Kids and their parents come from neighboring communities to sled down the hill.

Sophie and Emma say they were excited to hear they had the day off classes because it meant more fun time outside. When asked what they wanted to do with their snow day, they said, "Play in the snow." That's why Sophie and Emma were sledding with Grandpa instead of studying at Silver Creek Elementary.

Wednesday marks the fourth snow day of the year for West Clark Schools, but since this was originally a snow makeup day Reed said only three missed days of instruction need to be rescheduled.

West Clark Schools will make this day up on May 31, making the school year longer. However, Reed says it won't impact graduation or summer school.

North Harrison Schools will add this snow day to the end of the school year. Paoli Schools have called off for snow seven days this year. The Superintendent there says they've made up some of those days already and the rest, including Wednesday, will be made up using e-learning days. Reed said West Clark is considering implementing an e-learning day option for snow days during the next school year.

South Harrison will cut into part of its spring break, making up Wednesday's snow day this Thursday.

Kids at St. John Paul Catholic are on spring break, but it isn't stopping Lindsey from using his snow day off work for some fun with his kids.

"Having the day off of school, not having to go to work, not having to take a sick day and having them be on spring break even though this obviously isn't spring weather," Lindsay said. "Get out here, then go home, have some hot chocolate. Do it up like Norman Rockwell."

Even with the day off, people are ready to trade in the snow for spring.

Reed says the state has given them a waiver for the Henryville kids who missed class following the Hepatitis A outbreak last week – so they won't need to make up that missed day.

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