Bill that would tighten jail rules headed to Governor's desk

Bill that would tighten jail rules headed to Governor's desk
Kentucky State Senator Julie Raque Adams.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A bill that would tighten up rules when it comes to Kentucky's jails is headed to Governor Matt Bevin's desk.

Senate Bill 133, sponsored by Senator Julie Raque Adams, would make jails more accommodating to female inmates. This includes providing female inmates with proper undergarments and feminine hygiene products.

"There are no protocols to when there are men and women being held in the same facility," Senator Raque Adams added over the phone on Thursday.

The bill would ensure that jails around the state are well-equipped for inmates of both genders.

The bill also addresses the issue of people charged with violent crimes frequently being sentenced to the Home Incarceration Program. Louisville Metro Department of Corrections FOP President Tracy Dotson has long been a vocal advocate for something that would prevent so many from getting out on HIP.

"We do not want to see those people out on HIP," Dotson said. "They do not belong on HIP. If it's an overcrowding issue, we need to let the low-level criminals--the purse-snatchers, the shoplifters--of those nature out on HIP so we can make bed space."

Dotson said he considers SB133 to be a legislative victory and one that accurately reflects the voices of the people.

"There's a movement and a will of the people here that we want more accountability from the bench on these types of issues," Dotson said.

Senator Raque Adams said she has already heard from the Governor that he is most likely going to sign the bill into law.

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