AG Andy Beshear vows to stop controversial pension reform bill

Beshear: ‘I stand with those who leave their families every morning to protect our families’
Updated: Mar. 30, 2018 at 12:41 PM EDT
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This is the final tally of votes for SB 151 in the house. (Source: KET)
This is the final tally of votes for SB 151 in the house. (Source: KET)
This is the final tally of votes in the senate. (Source: KET)
This is the final tally of votes in the senate. (Source: KET)

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) – Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear vowed Friday morning that he will try to block the passage of the controversial pension reform bill.

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin was expected to sign Senate Bill 151 into law Friday after the Kentucky General Assembly passed it late Thursday night.

Beshear took to Twitter on Friday morning and posted a video with the text, "Last night the House and Senate violated the inviolable contract and broke their word - but I am going to keep mine. I will file suit to stop SB 151."

The bill's passage prompted dozens of teachers to call in sick Friday so they could protest in Frankfort, causing several districts around the state to close school, including the state's two largest districts -- Jefferson County Public Schools and Fayette County Schools.

Beshear also appeared at the protest.

"The message these lawmakers sent is they don't appreciate, care about or support our teachers, firefighters, social workers, police officers. The fact is these are the people who sacrifice the most for very little pay and the deal we made with them years ago and passed into law is that we would guarantee them a secure retirement. Well last night the legislature violated that promise and is taking away that secure retirement. I'm going to sue to keep it," Beshear said during the rally in the rotunda. "Last night we saw government at its worst, operating behind closed doors in the dark. Today we see democracy at its best, in the light, in the open with hundreds and thousands of people. It's incredible.If the legislature doesn't listen to them now they're going to hear from them in November."

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