Teachers converge on KY capitol during last days of session

Teachers converge on KY capitol during last days of session
Teachers from all over the state are again converging on the state capitol.
(Source: WAVE 3 News)
(Source: WAVE 3 News)

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) - Friday and Saturday are the two final days of this volatile legislative session.

Teachers from all over the state converged on the state capitol Friday as lawmakers attempted to override Governor Matt Bevin's vetoes of the state budget and the tax bill.

Outside the walls where lawmakers cast their votes in Frankfort on Friday, teachers and supporters from across the state rallied in favor of public education, protesting Bevin's vetoes of the tax plan and budget bill.

Janet Roberts taught at Valley High for almost 18 years, and is recently retired.

"I assumed, that when I retired, I would have a pension," Roberts said. "I have not paid in to [sic] social security. I'm hoping within the next ten years I won't have to be a greeter at Walmart."

"We're here for the right reasons," Roberts said. "We're not here just for greediness. We're here because we were told this is what we would have."

Western Middle School for the Arts Teacher Shelley Brown said she wants to see the legislature override those vetoes, and that the money previously budgeted to help fund youth service centers is critical to her students.

"They understand and appreciate the fact we're here - to fight for them," Brown said.

There was a great deal of pressure on lawmakers - and not just from state teachers who supported overriding the Governor's vetoes, but pressure from the clock as well.

The governor complained that the legislation, as it exists now, is fiscally unsound. Leadership in both the House and Senate disagreed, setting up the Friday the 13th showdown - where the governor is in now conflict with his own party.

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