Hot air balloons race across Louisville

Hot air balloons race across Louisville
The race ended at UofL's Shelby Campus.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Twenty-five hot air balloons raced through the sky Friday during the Great Balloon Rush Hour Race.

The Rush Hour Race is described as a hare and hound race. The U.S. Bank balloon, piloted by Scott McClinton, served as the hare.

McClinton took off from Bowman Field 45 minutes before the other balloons and landed at UofL's Shelby Campus where he laid out a target.

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The other 24 hound pilots then took off toward the target and tossed bags of Kentucky Bluegrass seed down.

The GoSoIN balloon, piloted by Dan Hoeler, won the race by getting within 4 ¾ inches of the target. The Norton Children's Hospital Balloon came in second by getting within 5 1/2 inches of the target.

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