Democratic candidates for Louisville mayor debate ahead of primary

Democratic candidates for Louisville mayor debate ahead of primary
Mayor Greg Fischer (left) and Mayoral candidate Ryan Fenwick (right)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer went head-to-head Monday night with the man who wants his job.

The Democratic Mayoral Debate took place at a union hall on Preston Highway. There are only two democratic candidates for the primary -- Fischer and attorney Ryan Fenwick. (Click or tap names for more on each candidate.)

"We got a great record to run on," Fischer said after the debate. "We've got unprecedented progress in our city. 75,000 new jobs, 2500 new businesses. Wages have gone up. People have moved out of poverty into middle income jobs so that's extraordinarily important so our city's going through a real renaissance right now so we want to keep that going."

Fenwick rebutted: "It's time for Louisville to start building the city for the people who already live here. We've done too much trying to attract tourists and trying to attract out of state development. It's time to start building the Louisville we deserve and it's time to build it from the bottom up, instead of from the top down."

Kentucky's primary elections happen May 22.

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