Five Questions with Louisville stylist Andre Wilson

Five Questions with Louisville stylist Andre Wilson
Andre Wilson (Source: Erik Branch)
Andre Wilson (Source: Erik Branch)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Mother's Day is this Sunday. One local man who thanks his mother for giving him his style is Louisville stylist, and owner of Style Icon, LLC, Andre Wilson.

Wilson said he grew up with a mother who looked sharp every single day. It's what got him interested in fashion.

After graduating from DuPont Manual and Youth Performing Arts School, he started working in retail -- first at Merry Go Round, then Sam Meyers, Rodes for Him/for Her and Dillard's.

About eight years ago, Wilson started his own company styling those who walk the red carpet and those who might need some help knowing what looks good on their body.

This year, he was responsible for redesigning the Kentucky Derby Festival jackets and introducing the bright pink jackets that are hard to miss.

This Derby season, despite being busy with his clients, his wife and three boys (ages 8, 13, and 15), he put on a fashion show called Style Icon. He said after producing shows for other organizations, he decided to do it on his own, featuring his favorite local boutiques and raising awareness for charities.

I thought since Wilson spends so much time scouting out stores for great items, he would know the perfect thing to get mom.

His suggestion is you can never go wrong with a new pair of shoes. I like the way he thinks.

Here are my five questions with Style Icon's Andre Wilson.

1) When you style someone, what is the first thing you consider?

The first thing I look for when I'm styling or design is PURPOSE. Ultimately, what should this outfit or design do for you? What message are you trying to convey? Is it building your brand or working against you? Before I style/design I ask my clients to choose 3 words. The 3 words are what you hope to say before you SAY anything. I then use the 3 words as our style template.

2) What are three things you can't live without -- style wise.

Well-tailored sport coats, hats and I love rocking men's scarves in the fall/winter.

3) Any new trends you are particularly excited about?

Not particularly into trends. Trends come and go. I'm into helping people find their style. I believe that when you're wearing the RIGHT style, you're more confident, you look more fit/thinner, more approachable and you engage more.

4) What do people typically hire a stylist for?

Typically, women and men hire me because they're experiencing one or all of these issues:

  • They're not sure how to dress for their body type.
  • Time is valuable and they can't afford to waste it. They are frustrated with shopping and tired of going store-to-store and not finding what they truly want or need.
  • They're only wearing  20 to 30% of their current closet.
  • They want to learn how to use style as a business and branding tool to build their business or increase sales.

5) Who is the most famous and most fun person you have styled?

Valerie Bertinelli, Sofia Vergera and Bonnie Jill Laflin stand out.

Valerie was the very first celebrity I styled for Derby. I was so nervous. I didn't sleep the night before practicing what I would say or suggest. Sofia hosted a Style Icon event and she was gracious, beautiful, aware and funny. Bonnie Jill was the first and only female NBA Scout, tireless activist and a member of the cast of Basketball Wives. I've styled her for the last seven Derbys. She's become an amazing friend and sounding board.

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