Sunrise Home Makeover - Option 2



Top 10 Reasons Why This Backyard Should Be Selected

  1. While raising family, backyard was not a priority.
  2. Enjoy morning coffee in the backyard on Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Tried to create a patio by laying block down on the sloping grass. Grass is 90% weeds and 10% clover, but it's green!
  4. No time to weed.
  5. Neighbors have nice backyard. Wonder what they think.
  6. Easement makes yard look bad due to weeds.
  7. Envious of other neighborhood backyards.
  8. My second home is a home improvement store. Not much that hasn't been repaired, or tried to.
  9. Great Italian cook. Might share with the crew.
  10. Birthday is Labor Day. What better way to spend it, than by watching others labor at my home.