Governor Bevin reacts to Supreme Court ruling on sports gambling

Governor Bevin reacts to Supreme Court ruling on sports gambling
Gov. Matt Bevin

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin took questions Tuesday afternoon after a public event, and the topic centered on the recent Supreme Court ruling, making sports gambling legal in all states.

Bevin, a known opponent of expanded gambling mostly deferred to upcoming legislative sessions and was non-commital on any actions he'd take if legislation was approved to expand gambling in Kentucky.

"Whether this ultimately results in any change for Kentucky is something that will be determined by our legislature in a future legislative session," Bevin said. "I'm not leading the charge on any of this, and again I think it's best to study what is available to us, what now is an option, and what it looks like relative to not only what we might do but what other states are doing, and let's thoughtfully approach this. There might be some committees coming out of our legislative body I'm sure that will look at this and that's the way these things should be done."

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Bevin also said sports gambling "has been going on since the dawn of time", and referenced the Kentucky Derby as an example of sports gambling already taking place in the Commonwealth. Bevin did not parse words on his thoughts of a casino coming to Kentucky.

"I think Casino gambling is a sucker's bet," Bevin said. "I think they are a sucker's bet for states who think that they're going to be a big boom to economic. They have never proven to be that. And for the places that got into them first, like the Atlantic City's of the world, they've turned out to be the exact opposite. They've brought a lot of other things a lot, but not the financial reward people had hoped for long term."

One positive Bevin pointed to from the decision was that it is a victory for state's rights. But he was reluctant to say what changes if any Kentucky would see.

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