Love after the Voice: 2 contestants to be married in Louisville

Love after the Voice: 2 contestants to be married in Louisville
Henken and Logan will be married in June

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - For two former contestants tied to Louisville, the Voice has forever changed their lives, because it's where they met and fell in love.

WAVE 3 News documented the journey of Louisville's own Olivia Henken when she was a contestant on Season 5. But unknown at that time was a friendship with one of her teammates, Josh Logan, which turned into much more than a music contract. The two will be married in June in Louisville.

Even though Josh is from New Hampshire and has lived his entire life on the east coast, he says he loves Louisville, and the two plan to make both music and their home here.

While Logan may be a new performer on the Louisville music circuit, for many in the audience of his recent shows, his voice and face are familiar. That's because he was picked for Team Christina on the Voice Season 5, that's when Logan became a teammate of Henken's.

"She has that face, you know you see her and you're like she is someone," Logan said. "But they see me and they're like yeah, whatever."

Laughter and a love of music brought these two former Voice contestants together. Logan made the Lives on the show. Henken made the Live Playoffs.

"Josh likes to say that we both won the show, because we got each other out of it," Henken said.

Many, former Voice contestants stay friends, but Henken said, "the next thing you know, I'm visiting him in New Hampshire."

The two signers made a go of it in Nashville after the show, along with a lot of other friends.

"There's so many people doing it (working in Nashville) so many artists, and it's funny it's like a surplus of Voice contestants that end up in Nashville after the show," Logan said.

But for Henken, Louisville is home and Logan was ready to make it his, too. So, on February 11, 2017, Henken played at a Valentines dance on her grandparents 61st wedding anniversary.  Logan showed up, telling her his show in town was canceled and asked her if he should join in for the performance.

Henken remembers him acting strange on stage.

He said, "I want to, I want to just take this guitar off."  Henken asked, "What are you doing?"

"He stopped in the middle of the song, and said he wanted to propose and then stopped, and I was like Oh my Gosh, he's going to propose to me right now?" Henken said. "And then he said, a toast, to her grandparents, and I'm like oh, wow I'm so embarrassed right now."

That was Logan's attempt at dramatic effect. He got down on his knee and popped the question.

"Everyone knew except me," Henken said.

"It was good, it was a good one," Logan said.

Now, the grown up music duo has two new ventures: The Mixers, a seven piece band that includes Olivia's sister, they perform primarily for corporate events. And, they're finalizing a bigger deal with an old friend. Khalil Batshon owns Khalil's, the bar where Olivia played and where her family held Voice watch parties.

"My wife and her mom are big Voice fans," Batshon said.

He also owns a catering business and is providing the food, bar and wedding cake for the duo. They will be married at St. Louis Bertrand, with the reception at the Mellwood Arts Center, an event promising plenty of music and laughs.

"The checks have been sent, we're doing this, it's locked down," Logan said.

Several Voice contestants are coming to the wedding including this season's Mia Boostrom, who's going to sing for the couple.

Josh and Olivia promise they will not break out in song together during the ceremony, but say they'll probably sing a little something together at the reception, just for fun.

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