Wild kingdom meets suburbia; bobcat naps at Georgetown home

A bobcat showed up on a porch in Georgetown, IN. (Source: Donna Singleton)
A bobcat showed up on a porch in Georgetown, IN. (Source: Donna Singleton)
Updated: May. 23, 2018 at 6:32 PM EDT
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GEORGETOWN, IN (WAVE) - A surprise guest gave neighbors in Georgetown, Indiana quite a start earlier this week.

Donna and Ray Singleton walked outside of their Georgetown home Monday to find a bobcat lounging on a chair on their front porch.

That chair, now the talk of the town Wednesday after playing host to the cat.

"And Ray, my husband Ray said, 'I think that's a bobcat.' With that, we got in the car, came back at 11:30 and it's still there,"said Donna Singleton. She said the cat didn't seem fazed by their presence, they spent time in the morning near it and around it without bothering the big cat.

When she came back, she said she thought to take out her phone and record a video of the feline. They haven't seen too many wild animals in their suburban part of Georgetown over their 11 years in the area so she said was pretty surprised to see that bobcat coming so close.

"When I realized it was a bobcat, I was careful. I started filming it. And I was really careful to stay back away from it. But it didn't make any effort to harm me or Ray," Singleton said. "It went through my mind that it was a big huge cat that I wanted to keep," she said.  She decided otherwise, instead flagging down area trash collectors, including Canaan Crowdus for help in getting the bobcat off her chair.

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Crowdus said the bobcat didn't seem to be bothered by their presence either.

"It was chilling. It was not fazed at all by us," Crowdus said. "I wasn't really afraid of it until the tail started moving. And then we had a little problem so I went on and walked away before anything escalated."

He took a video and posted it online, that video now getting attention in the community and social media. Singleton said they were contacted by someone who saw it, saying the bobcat may be someone's pet.

"We agreed to put food out at nighttime, to see if we can lure him back to save him, I hope," Singleton said.

"It may have been Nala's people, Scar. We going to have a reunion, you know, Lion King 3," Crowdus said.

Indiana law does allow for bobcats to be kept as pets if you have the right permits. The cats spent decades on Indiana's endangered species list.

Earlier this year, the state proposed a potential bobcat hunting season in southern Indiana counties but that was withdrawn after public outcry over the proposal.

The Indiana DNR says there is a population of the cat in southern Indiana, but they're solitary, elusive animals so it's unlikely you'll see them even if they're around.

Crowdus says that's fine with him.

"I don't plan on seeing another one anytime soon so they better quit sending me to Georgetown," Crowdus said.

Singleton said she's keeping an eye out to see if the bobcat comes back for another sit on her chair. And if it is someone's pet, she hopes it finds its way home safely.

"But I really want that cat to be saved," Singleton said.

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