'That's your real name?': It's more than just luck for JCPS student

Born into poverty, Luckyboy Brown makes name for himself at Moore High School
Updated: May. 26, 2018 at 10:28 AM EDT
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Benjamin Bush (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Benjamin Bush (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - It's graduation time for high school seniors. This time of the year is not only a big deal for students but, also for teachers who remember kids that stand out and make and impact.

Moore High School students have put in months of work in order to perform A Midsummer Night's Dream, a Shakespearean classic, for just a few nights.

"The thing about doing drama like this, where we don't have a drama program, is that we are working with people who don't have a lot of experience everyone is building from the ground up," Moore High School English and drama teacher Benjamin Bush said.

Luckyboy Brown is a standout.

"Immediately he kind of lit up the stage," said Bush.

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Yes, Luckyboy is his real name. He gets asked that question a lot.

"That's your real name? Yeah, that's my real name and they be asking the stories behind it all that so I got to explain it to them," Luckyboy said.

Luckyboy was born into poverty and hardship in Liberia. His family struggled but shortly after his birth his parents' lives started to turn around. That is how he got his name "Luckyboy".

They moved to the United States when Luckyboy was in elementary school. He had never had formal school so he had to learn to maneuver this new way of life.

"School has been tough, it was hard but, I got through it," Luckyboy said.

Luckyboy will admit that he hasn't taken life too seriously but, when he came to Moore High School for his senior year, he realized that showing up to school and doing the work was the easy part and he was making it more difficult than it needed to be. He knew grit and perseverance outside of school but hadn't applied that to his schooling until his senior year.

"He comes into every situation grateful and excited and that kind of energy I can't tell you how many days where you are just having a bad day and a kid like Lucky will come into the room and he will make something that wasn't going very well and just his positively and energy will lift it up," Bush said.

Luckyboy is also an athlete; sometimes the football world and the and theater world don't always cross. For Luckyboy, he's proof that they can.

"He played the part of Oberon, the fairy king," Bush said.

"When I'm up here, I start to stress out," Luckyboy said. "It's a lot of people. What if I miss a line what if I miss a scene but, when I come out there I just put all that to the side and I just let it flow."

"He's uncomfortable nowhere, he has no fear, he's friends with everybody," Bush explained.

You can see that easily when his fellow students came up to him after the play.

"Do I feel like a lucky boy? Sometimes, I feel like a lucky boy," Luckyboy said.

Luckyboy is headed to Indiana University Southeast next year and will be a student-athlete playing football.

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