JCPS teachers share ideas about deeper learning

JCPS teachers share ideas about deeper learning
This JCPS teacher shared an idea during the Deeper Learning Symposium.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Jefferson County Public School students are out for the summer, and now it's their teachers in the classroom.

This week, nearly 2,000 teachers are participating in a conference created by the district called the JCPS Deeper Learning Symposium.

"Anyone these days can pull out a phone and Google a fact, but it's being able to use those facts in the real world," Atherton High School teacher Emily Nall-Crist said.

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RAFT is a form of deeper learning that allows students to creatively express what they've learned. It's an acronym to help students who might be stuck on an assignment:

  • R- Role: What role do you play?
  • A- Audience: Who will see your project?
  • F- Form: What form is your project taking?
  • T- Topic: What's your main focus?

Nall-Crist uses it in her classroom to teach her students about history.

"It's all about really understanding purpose and perspective and displaying knowledge," Nall-Crist said.

It's just one of the ways JCPS educators are engaging their students through deeper learning.

"We did a project called genius hour," 7th grader Sophie said. "It gave you a lot of freedom and a lot of ways to express yourself and then you get to present it to your class and it's fun and you learn a lot more than just books and tests."

JCPS Educator Growth System Project Manager Alan Young said they're still working on a way to measure the effects, but it's proven to be beneficial for all students -- especially kids facing challenges outside of school.

"It's those kids who have often been mis-measured in terms of what types of strengths and talents that they bring to the table who are being given the biggest disservice when their education is judged mostly by a number," Young said.

The conference continues through the week at the Kentucky Expo Center.

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