Victim in 2008 rape case files suit against LMPD

Updated: Jun. 19, 2018 at 5:41 PM EDT
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Louisville, KY - LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A woman is filing a lawsuit against Louisville Metro Police, claiming they lied to her and denied her the right to find the identity of her alleged rapist for nearly a decade.

In the complaint filed Tuesday morning, it says Salisa Luster Harrison was ignored by an LMPD officer after she was raped in 2008.

"I was in my apartment for two days after I was raped, bloodied, beaten and unconscious," Harrison said. "I was in the hospital for seven days. Even though my mind won't let me remember who exactly did this, DNA will let us know who that perpetrator is."

The complaint goes on to say the investigating officer then covered it up by mishandling and ignoring evidence.

Fast forward five years, the complaint says LMPD's Special Victims Unit tested the rape kit and said the results were inconclusive.

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Harrison's attorneys say Salisa and her mother, Cheryl Ellis, only came to find out through a news reporter's investigation that the kit was never tested in the first place.

"I have fought for the last 10 years to get justice for her, and I will not stop," Ellis said. "I want everyone in Louisville to know that."

Harrison's attorneys, Benjamin Crump, Michael Laux and Lonita Baker, filed the suit claiming there is proof in the forms of internal memos and correspondence with State Police.

"The file and record is filled with instances of institutional lies, institutional misrepresentations, all designed to shut Miss Luster (Harrison) and her mother out of the case and protect her attacker that remains unknown," Laux said.

The Attorney General's Office says they are working with LMPD to get the kit resubmitted to the crime lab. LMPD says they cannot comment on pending litigation.

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