LMPD's impound lot facing temporary fixes; search continues for new lot

Search continues for new LMPD impound lot as money pours into old site

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The Louisville Metro Police Department's impound lot is bursting at the seams.

Taxpayers are paying for short-term upgrades to the current lot on Frankfort Avenue that is too small and taking a toll on nearby Beargrass Creek. The city is searching for a new location, but that search does not have a timeline.

More than a dozen sites have been evaluated.

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"They have been looking for this space for a long time and there is only so much space," Mike O'Leary, Clifton Community Council President, said.

For decades, impounded vehicles have piled up on LMPD's lot near Butchertown. Storm water flow from the lot has destroyed parts of Beargrass Creek.

"We are dedicated to make some improvements to the current lot on Frankfort Avenue," Mark Zoeller, Facilities & Project Management Assistant Director, said.

Zoeller said grade work and planting new trees would help with runoff water.

The mayor's budget requested $2 million go toward buying a new lot and improvements to the current lot. The budget committee has reduced that to $1 million.

"While we are looking for the lot we still have -- and that is our best-case scenario -- we still have to deal with the issues that occur in the existing lot," LMPD Lt. Colonel Robert Schroeder said.

None of 15 sites proposed met the criteria. The new site must be at least 15 acres and centrally located.

"We know that an impound lot does not make for a great residential neighbor," Theresa Zawacki with Louisville Forward said.

Zawacki said the goal is to find a lot that won't cause the same problems they are facing now.

"At what point do they realize they cannot find what they are looking for -- criteria wise -- and at what point do they reconsider their criteria?" O'Leary said.

The city is also in the process of renting a warehouse to store the evidence vehicles they keep long term. That will clear up about 600 cars from this lot. The hope is to finalize a warehouse in a few weeks.

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