Children battling cancer focus on fun at camp

Children battling cancer focus on fun at camp
Kosair Charities hosted the Kick Off Cookout for Camp Quality on Sunday.
The annual kick-off helps kids get pumped for their week at camp. (Source: WAVE 3 News)
The annual kick-off helps kids get pumped for their week at camp. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Kids who have recovered or are going through treatment for cancer are getting a chance to focus on fun for a week.

The Kosair Shriners bid them farewell at the annual Kick Off Cookout as they departed for Camp Quality Kentuckiana on Sunday.

When it comes to hugs, the ones from parents sending their kids off to camp are some of the best, but the hugs at Camp Quality might be just a little tighter than others.

"These kids are going through a lot," Stephanie Smith, a Kosair marketing employee, said. "No child should have to battle cancer. No one should."

For a week, kids like Bordon Cobb, 11, will get to forget about the discomfort of treatment.

"I'm in the middle of chemotherapy," Cobb said.

Instead, they will spend their time just being kids, with their minds focused on fun.

The "Camp Derby Festival" featured music, the League of Mascots, Ehrler's ice cream and more. The annual kick-off event helps the kids get ready and pumped for their week at camp.

"I looked through a brochure, and there is archery and a giant bus," Cobb said as he looked out the window. "Like that one."

That bus that Bordon had his eye on is ready to take him and his newest friends to the Indiana campsite.

As he got on board, Bordon said he's excited to meet other kids, but, even as an 11-year-old, he's thinking about the future.

"I think it'd be a good learning experience," Cobb said.

A learning experience his big-brother-like camp companion Tristan Patterson said he experienced, even as a camper himself, for over a decade.

"So, once I turned 18, I felt like it was my time to give back," Patterson said.

This week, he'll be doing just that, but, before the five days of fun, as their bus pulls away, there was just only one thing left that Bordon wanted to say.

"Hi, grandma," he said, smiling into the camera.

A message for a woman who is surely eagerly waiting to hear all about camp.

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