Police arrest burglary suspects caught on surveillance, find pile of stolen items

Burglary suspects caught on home surveillance arrested at Louisville hotel
Updated: Jun. 28, 2018 at 11:55 PM EDT
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Jeremy Hunt (Source: LMPD)
Jeremy Hunt (Source: LMPD)
Donna Mitchell (Source: LMPD)
Donna Mitchell (Source: LMPD)
LMPD recovered a cache of stolen items from Hunt and Mitchell's hotel room. (Source: LMPD)
LMPD recovered a cache of stolen items from Hunt and Mitchell's hotel room. (Source: LMPD)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Many burglary victims are now being reunited with their belongings after Louisville police arrested two people who were caught stealing on home surveillance video.

Video captured on June 21 at a home behind Jefferson Mall showed a man and a woman approach a small garage window, run away, then come back to the house.

The man propped the woman up to reach the window, then shoved her through it. That's how they gained access to the inside.

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Video showed the two leaving the house with binoculars and a gun. They were in a hurry because the home owner's security system had sounded an audible alarm and they knew the cops were on their way.

They got away. But not for long.

"The news helped a lot," Detective Jonathan Williams with the Louisville Metro Police Department said. "We got several tips. We were able to narrow it down to the two involved."

LMPD officers started looking for Jeremy Hunt and Donna Mitchell. They found them at Collier's Motel on Bardstown Road.

"We drove by the motel and knew what kind of car they were in based on a tip, found the vehicle, and ran the vehicle, and came back to these two we were looking for," Williams explained.

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Police arrested them and discovered their room was filled with items the two had allegedly stolen, including those binoculars, as well as golf clubs, designer bags, credit cards, baby carriers, and tons of keys.

"It expanded pretty much everywhere in Louisville," Williams said. "We had every division within LMPD that came to our division to interview these two subjects and we were able to close around 20 burglaries."

That includes the case of Audrey Frazier. Her deceased father's home had recently been burglarized. She never thought she would get back the silver trays and silver flat wear, sentimental items she planned to pass down to her children.

"When I opened up the flat wear box that had my mother's handwriting I started to cry," Frazier said. "She's been gone since 1986 so it as a big deal to get those things back."

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Williams said the original news story that aired on WAVE 3 News on Friday, June 22 led to a lot of tips from the public, and that's how they were able to solve the crime so quickly and get the stolen items back to the owners.

"There's a table full," Frazier said everything the police collected. "So I'm sure they're going to make a lot of other people happy too."

The woman whose home surveillance video led to the arrests said she's just glad Hunt and Mitchell are in jail.

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