Caught on camera and by police after Oldham County burglary

RAW VIDEO: Burglary suspects steal gun safe from Oldham County home

Oldham County, KY (WAVE) - Jason Habich has something to be happy about after his home was broken into early Tuesday morning. 

"This is the camera," he said while he pointed to the tiny piece of technology that allowed him to see the break-in as it was happening on his phone.

He watched as two men stole a gun case from his garage.

Most of the time his security camera alert goes off, it's because of a cat, or a wasp Habich said. But not this time.

Habich rushed back home but the thieves were gone.

"Actually, it took them about three minutes," he said.

They even used his dolly to help them carry the gun case they were after.  Their names were easy to get as soon as the video hit Facebook and the tips started pouring in. 

William Ray Robertson of Georgetown Indiana and Terry Rath of Louisville were identified as the men in the video. Detectives even talked to both suspects over the phone and convinced Rath to turn himself in Thursday.

"The safe was here, directly in front of the door blocking the entrance," Habich showed us.

Robertson is still on the loose. He's the one with what police called an extensive criminal history. Police say he should be  considered armed.

Habich hopes Robertson is caught soon and that both of them learn a lesson.

" They haven't yet, but hopefully, this might be it," Habich told us.

Anyone with information is asked to call OCPD at (502) 222-1300.

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