Rocky hot dog eating match getting a sequel after controversy

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Louisville's first attempt at a hot dog eating contest is getting a golf mulligan, thanks to the senior vice president of its pro baseball team.

The controversy that erupted (with stomachs) immediately following the first hot dog eating contest at the Louisville Bats game July 3 on social media under #bungate and #checkthebuns also spilled over onto local sports talk radio shows Thursday.

Bob Valvano led off his ESPN 680 show with guests Nick Valvano, his son and producer at 680, and WAVE 3 News anchor John Boel. Both were among the hot dog contest competitors. Both finished tied for 2nd. Both joined others questioning the decision to award first place to Joe Federle of WHAS 11 after observers complained he was not finishing all the buns, and then video evidence showed buns left behind.

Complicating matters: questions about the actual counts of 12 dogs for Federle, 10 for Valvano, 10 for Boel, and 10 for Seth Spalding of River City Cards. The contestants had 5 minutes to finish as many dogs and buns as they could.

The harshest critic of the outcome was Bob Valvano. During his show, while facetiously threatening a lawsuit, Senior Vice President Greg Galiette called in and said the Bats had a meeting about the controversy Thursday morning. Galiette said they decided to "put an asterisk" next to the contest results and have a rematch involving the first and second place finishers.

Galiette tentatively set the Sept. 2 Bats game as the date for the big rematch if the competitors are willing. It will also be a fundraiser for the V Foundation. Valvano and Boel accepted the rematch invitations. The others are pending.

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