Festival-goers should drink lots of water

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) -   The Forecastle Festival kicks off tomorrow at Waterfront Park -- and it could be the hottest Forecastle on record.

Last year, 65,000 people attended the three-day music festival.

Saturday's forecast high is 98-degrees, with a triple-digit heat index. Those temperatures can turn dangerous quickly -- especially if you're drinking alcohol.

Doctors said you need to drink a lot of water.

"Two cups of water a couple of hours before physical activity," Norton Immediate Care Center physician Dr. Brent Bolin said. "Then if you're vigorously exercising or out in the hot weather -- you know, drinking a cup of water every 20, 30 minutes."

Forecastle allows you to bring a water bottle, and there are free water refill stations set up around Waterfront Park.

Alcohol dehydrates you even more, so drink a glass of water between each adult beverage.

Other tips for staying cool: Use a cooling rag that's been dipped in water, wear light colors and take advantage of some of the air-conditioned areas around the festival.

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