July 17, 2018

Health Screenings

Health Screenings

School is starting soon which means it's time to start talking about school supplies and health screenings. Dr. Meier joins to talk about scoliosis and the importance of scoliosis screenings. Dr. Shaw talks about sports physicals.

Scoliosis screenings
What should be watched:
-Is one of your child's shoulders higher than the other?
-Does one shoulder blade stick out more than the other?
-Does one hip seem higher or stick out more than the other?
-Do you notice a larger crease at one side of the waist than the other side?
-Do you see a hump in the rib area?
-Do the hips or waist seem higher on one side?
For more info, talk to your doctor or go to NortonChildrens.com/scoliosis-care

Sports Physicals
Sports physicals can be a lifesaver because underlying conditions can be identified. Taking your child to their pediatrician instead of a "minute clinic" can he helpful because their pediatrician knows their health history. Sports physicals can be performed at the same as the yearly wellness check-up. Make an appointment for a physical well before your child is scheduled to start a sport.

If your child needs a pediatrician, call 629-KIDS

River Pops Presents Broadway

The River Pops perform Broadway musicals aboard the RiverStage, located on the Ohio River in Jeffersonville, IN. The River Pops Orchestra is made up of professional, semi-professional, and freelance musicians from the WAVE Country area. The actors' experience ranges from professional, community theater, and just beginning. Performances are free and are funded through sponsorships and the Jeffersonville Parks Department.

River Pops Presents ANNIE
W Riverside Dr., Jeffersonville
Thursday-Sunday, 8pm
Seating is first come, first served
Bring lawn chairs, blankets

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