Mysterious billboards creating a buzz around Louisville

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Mysterious billboards are popping up all over Louisville, creating quite a buzz and prompting many questions. Who's behind them? And, what do they mean? Those are just a few of the questions many seem to be asking surrounding the Chris and Jessica Billboards.

Whatever it is, it's created quite a buzz and it's definitely working. From local ad agencies to social media, people are reading Jessica's messages to Chris and trying to put the puzzle together.

"Chris, where's the love?" Jessica asks on a billboard on Cannon's Lane and Frankfort Avenue.

Just down the street on Story Avenue, the story continues, "Chris, we've reached a new stage in our relationship," it reads.

And on Brownsboro Road, where some inquiring minds speculate Jessica is trying to tell Chris, she's pregnant, "Chris, you'll need to sit down for this."

"You've got to wonder what they're trying to advertise here," Leece Faulkner said. That is the question.

Could there be a real Jessica and a real Chris? Maybe, if Jessica has a stack of cash to pay for more than a dozen billboards and other signage around town.

"I was actually confused because there's no company name to it at all," Faulkner said.

Outfront Media Advertising who put up the billboards didn't return our calls.

The idea is brilliant, says WAVE 3 Marketing Director Kris Baete.

"I didn't just hear about it, I stopped to take a photo of it," Baete said. "I thought it was so good, like I literally stopped on the side of the road and my wife and I were looking at each other going whoa, what is this?"

Billboard stars Chris and Jessica have left an impact on Louisville, and when it comes to a cost effective ad campaign you can't get much better. It's created a buzz on social media and the billboard mystery was picked up by popular sites with thousands of followers like Card Chronicle and Kentucky Sports Radio.

"It's getting everybody in town talking," Baete said. "We've seen posts on Reddit, on the Louisville sub-Reddit and radio talk shows are talking about it."

Plus, no expensive art budget is needed, with just words on the billboard.

"Once it all comes together, I think it's going to be a big hit for them, whoever is doing it," Faulkner said.

A few of the top ad agencies in Louisville tell us they are just as curious as everybody else about who's behind it. One guess? A divorce attorney or maybe a men's clinic. We'll have to wait and see.

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