Louisville Fire boat recovered after sinking in Ohio River during storm

Louisville Fire boat recovered after sinking in Ohio River during storm

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A Louisville Fire and Rescue boat that sank in the Ohio River during Friday's severe storms was finally recovered Wednesday.

Officials believe the boat probably hit something during the storms, cracking its hull. But they don't know exactly what part of the boat was damaged at this point.

Weighing 19,000 pounds, it took four and a half hours for crews to bring the boat to the surface.

Divers from Louisville Fire and the Coast Guard put straps around the boat. A crane was used to stabilize the boat, and a maritime salvage contractor directed the operation.

Once they got it up to the surface, they had to drain all the water from it before towing it to a marine repair shop.

Crews said all tanks on the boat are intact, so there is no leakage to contain.

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The boat, a 2009 Maralargo Fire Cat., cost $600,000.

It was docked next to the Belle of Louisville during the storm. That may have been what the boat hit to cause it to sink, but officials can't say for sure.

The steamboat appears to be fine and took 600 people on a successful cruise Wednesday.

In the meantime, while the boat gets repaired, fire officials said they have backup resources if any emergencies happen on the Ohio River.

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