Governor Matt Bevin awaits property tax decision on his Anchorage home

Gov. Bevin's new home in Anchorage is seen from Air 3.
Gov. Bevin's new home in Anchorage is seen from Air 3.
Updated: Jul. 28, 2018 at 12:43 AM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Governor Matt Bevin continued his fight on Friday, trying to avoid paying higher property taxes.  Earlier this week, Bevin's attorney argued the Jefferson County PVA, the Property Valuation Administrator, overestimated the value of the Governor's Anchorage mansion by more than $1.5 million.

For 2018 taxes, the PVA valued the Governor's Anchorage mansion at 2.9 million.

Bevin's attorney, Mark Sommer, argued it should be less than half that at $1.4 million.

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"Amazing that the county would put all these resources into fighting an appeal, and bringing an appeal such as this," Sommer said,  "but nonetheless, the taxpayer has a right to do this and it's round two of the case from last year.  The taxpayer (Bevin) won handily last time."

Bevin originally bought the house and the 10 acres it sits on last year for $1.6 million.

After an appeal, the PVA set the taxing value last year at $1.39 million.

That assessment went up by almost a million this spring, after the PVA hired an assessor to examine the property.

"Once again, our job is of fair market value," Jason Hancock, Jefferson County PVA Director of Valuation said.  "And that is the only thing our office is concerned with.  We do not set taxes, we do not collect taxes.  It's fair cash value."

A decision on Bevin's property is expected next week.