WAVE 3 News Editorial - August 7, 2018: Clean up!

Editorial: Don't litter and help clean up our streets

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Pride of place gets a shot in the arm when we see stadium expansions and ground broken for a new one, and when we see a sparkling, refurbished Kentucky International Convention Center, and new hotels, shops, and restaurants.

But pride of place takes a shot when we see disregard for the space we walk, ride and play.

We are a hospitable people and welcome folks graciously when they visit. Part of that welcome includes how we make our first impression.

Looking at an exit off one of the main interstates through downtown Louisville showcases plenty of trash on both sides of the street. It is not unlike other roadways in the region.

Trash alone won't deter potential newcomers from calling the Louisville region home, but it would certainly help make a difference if we looked better.

For natives, it would help us feel better about our surroundings.

Not littering is one of the easiest ways to show we care about what our neighborhoods look like.

We all need to embrace pride of place.

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