New businesses are filling up store fronts in Shelby Park neighborhood

Shelby Park neighborhood primed for growth
Chip Rogalinski (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Chip Rogalinski (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Red Top is on the corner of Logan and Mary Streets. (Source: WAVE 3 News)
Red Top is on the corner of Logan and Mary Streets. (Source: WAVE 3 News)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Louisville's Shelby Park neighborhood is seeing new businesses pop up, bringing hope that it's on the cusp of revitalization.

Shelby Park borders Germantown and Old Louisville -- two neighborhoods that are seeing big growth of their own.

One man who has lived in Shelby Park for almost a decade said he hopes the change is balanced.

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Initially, it was the park that attracted Chip Rogalinski to the neighborhood nine years ago.

"Look at my view, it's 17 acres that I don't have to cut grass," Rogalinski said.

Now the neighborhood is changing.

A new market will open before the end of the year. And a microbrewery will replace neighborhood bar T Eddie's on the corner of Oak and Logan Streets.

As president of the Shelby Park Neighborhood Association, Rogalinski is excited.

"I hope the new neighbors feel as comfortable as the people who have lived here 40 years," Rogalinski said. "I hope the people who have lived here their entire lives feel the sense and good energy the new people are bringing."

One of the new neighbors, Rachel and Ryan Pickerill, opened a gourmet hot dog shop on Logan Street.

"This street is going to undergo some change and we are really excited," Rachel said.

Red Top has been open for five weeks. Rachel said business has been great.

"There are tons of people from the neighborhood coming out," Rachel said. "There are also lots of people from Germantown who are considering this their neighborhood."

The prices at Red Top may not reflect the neighborhood just yet.

The most recent census data shows 52% of the population lives below the poverty line.

Rogalinski said the goal of the neighborhood association is to ensure growth without displacement.

"Not many neighborhoods can say that in the city of Louisville, but that's what occurs here in Shelby Park," Rogalinski said.

On Saturday, Shelby Park is hosting an event and welcoming everyone to attend. Hal and Ben's Bike In will show a movie in Shelby Park.

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