Sherry Ballard: Crystal Rogers' mother appears on 'Megyn Kelly TODAY'

Sherry Ballard: Crystal Rogers' mother appears on 'Megyn Kelly TODAY'

(WAVE) - Sherry Ballard, the mother of a Bardstown mom of five who hasn't been seen in three years, shared her story with television host Megyn Kelly on Thursday.

Appearing on "Megyn Kelly TODAY," Ballard talked about the 2015 disappearance of her daughter, Crystal Rogers.

Rogers' younger sister, Brooke Bryan, also appeared on the show ahead of Saturday's premiere of "The Disappearance of Crystal Rogers" on cable network Oxygen.

Ballard told Kelly about the night Rogers disappeared. Rogers' oldest of five children had texted Ballard, asking about borrowing some clothes, saying she couldn't reach her mother. When the hours passed and there was still no sign of Rogers, Ballard said she knew something was wrong.

Later that weekend, she said she saw Brooks Houck, Rogers' boyfriend and father of her youngest child. Ballard said she approached him in his truck and they spoke briefly. She said he said the couple had a spat about whether he treated her four kids differently than he treated the child they had together. Ballard said Houck didn't seem too bothered by the spat, adding that she probably spent the night with friends, which he said wasn't uncommon.

"No, she didn't," Brooke Bryan told Kelly on Thursday.

Ballard also said that during her chat with Houck, she was surprised to see then-2-year-old child show his face from the backseat.

"When I saw that baby in that truck, I knew ... I'm like, 'She would never leave that baby. Never.'"

Added Bryan: "If Crystal didn't have (the baby), I did ... When (Houck) had the baby, red flags went up with me ... because she wouldn't have left him."

Ballard then shared details of a second family tragedy that happened about 16 months later. Her husband, Tommy Ballard, had taken on an investigative role in the case of their missing daughter, and Ballard said she thought he was starting to connect some dots. He was shot and killed in what has been ruled a hunting accident on the family farm. Police have not ruled his death a homicide, but his family considers it a murder.

"My husband was being followed," Ballard said. "I think someone wanted my husband out of the way. I think my husband was getting close. My husband was never gonna give up looking for my daughter. And he was a threat to them."

"The Disappearance of Crystal Rogers" airs on Oxygen on Saturday at 7 p.m. ET.

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