Make it a Goode Morning! 8.21.18

WAVE 3 Weather Blog

A fairly significant flip flop pattern is going to take place over the next 7 days.  So hopefully everyone will be happy in the end :)

Short term:
Showers will develop this afternoon in a very "speckled" fashion.  Quick-hitting downpours with some lightning and pea size hail.  They will fade once the sun lowers in the sky later.

One more lobe of energy will spin down tomorrow afternoon.  This could spark a shower but moisture will become limited by this point, so most of you will remain dry and cool.

In fact, that next lobe that drops in will actually allow for the coolest of air to filter in Wednesday night/Thursday.  Lows in the 50s look likely for most of WAVE Country with a few upper 40s possible.  Highs Thursday will likely stay below 80 degrees even with sunshine.  The city is usually the oddball and may touch 80.

A warm front will slide through Friday into the weekend.  This will increase our humidity once again and heat.  Therefore, spotty thunderstorms will enter the forecast yet again.  This doesn't look to be a washout setup, but be mindful of passing thunderstorms at times over the weekend, especially in the afternoons.

The heat will continue to hold strong early next week with a mostly dry forecast.  The heat index will climb, but not to excessive levels.  Thinking 95-100 right now.  Which don't get me wrong, is high enough!

This heat will try to hold through Labor Day before a front pushes in thunderstorms and cooler weather.  The models still are battling how quickly that would happen. So keep checking back in.

I cover all of the above PLUS look at more September/October data that rolled in last night.  Interesting times ahead :)

Make it a Goode Morning!