Caught in the act: camera catches man breaking into home

Caught in the act: Home surveillance shows man stealing from downtown apartment
This man is accused of breaking into a downtown apartment and stealing over $6,000 worth of stuff. (Source: Michelle Hornung)
This man is accused of breaking into a downtown apartment and stealing over $6,000 worth of stuff. (Source: Michelle Hornung)

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - More and more people have cameras set up at their homes and businesses and they always prove to be worth it, especially when you catch someone in the act. One woman wants you to you take a good look at the video her camera captured of a man breaking into her home.

Michelle Hornung say the break in happened Monday around 12:30 p.m. at her apartment off East Broadway. Hornung was at work and has a Nest camera set up by her window. In the video, you see the man look around after he breaks open the door. In the seven minutes he's in her apartment, he appears to be pretty comfortable. Hornung initially though it was someone with maintenance.

"He did not look scared," Hornung said. "He didn't look frightened. He just acted like this is my job, this is what I do on a daily basis."

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You can see the man going through Hornung's things. Hornung says her dog walker notified her that things didn't seem right when she got there and Hornung immediately got on her Nest app and saw a man in her home.

Hornung said she has never seen the man before.

"He knows no one is here," Hornung said. "He looks at my TV, touches it and realizes that it is mounted and isn't going anywhere. Then, he grabs my fire stick and the cord and the remote."

The intruder eventually makes his way to Horning's bedroom.

"He's in there for five minutes," Hornung said. "You see him walk back out and as he is walking out he's holding my lap top case, my fire stick, some cash, jewelry."

Hornung said her rings that were stolen were sentimental.  They were passed down to her after her grandmother died.

"You can tell he went through my stuff," Hornung said. "You can tell my clothes have been moved which is terrifying that he touched my clothes. I'm diabetic and you can tell he went through all my diabetes supplies and I think he only took a bag of syringes."

As the man is leaving, he notices the camera by the window.

"Right when he goes for the door he sees my Nest cam and picks it up looks at it, sets it down realizes its a camera, cusses and walks out," Hornung said.

Hornung said she'll be moving but, before she leaves she wants to warn others.

"I don't want this to happen to anyone else, it's awful," Hornung said.

Louisville Metro Police say they are investigating. Hornung says the company that rents out the apartment has been very helpful and responsive. Hornung believes the total value in her belongings that were stolen was around $6,000.

If you have any information on who the man is in the video, call 574-LMPD.

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