Sunrise Home Makeover - Home Theatre Option 1

Top 10 Reasons Why This Room Should Be Selected

1. Only Bonnycastle's electronic expertise could effectively equip our room.
2. Less than 1.5 years we'll be helping our 4th child through college.
3. You know you need to replace your 12 year old TV when...
4. McMillian's luxurious seating would replace our ripped couch.
5. Provide an escape from my loved, but exhausting job of teaching 1st grade.
6. I found out bleach doesn't remove pet stains!
7. Can't fix the tile our Vietnamese Potbellied pig, "Newman", ate.
8. Flooring by Korfhage would modernize our room.
9. Ugly is out / Entertaining is embarrasing!
10. New viewing room-flooring, TV & seating would never be taken for granted and make watching the Olympics as good as being there!