Yarmuth To Face Northup In November Election

Published: May. 17, 2006 at 3:10 PM EDT|Updated: Jun. 12, 2006 at 3:16 PM EDT
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By Eric Flack

(LOUISVILLE) -- Tuesday night John Yarmuth went from political commentator to political victor. He won the Democratic Congressional primary in Kentucky's third district, and now prepares to try and unseat Republican incumbent Anne Northup in the November general election. WAVE 3 Investigator Eric Flack has the story.

In politics, everyone's got a favorite name. So it is no surprise that the most popular guy in the Democrats' victory party Tuesday night admitted name recognition helped him to victory.

"I think, obviously, when you've been involved in the public life of the community for so long as I have been, name ID and face recognition makes a big difference," said Yarmuth. "But I think people know where I stand."

Yarmuth, the well known liberal and founder of the alternative newspaper the LEO, won the third district Democratic primary with 54 percent of the vote. His closest competition was former Marine and Iraq veteran Andrew Horne, who finished more than 20 points behind.

"We felt really, really good," Horne said. "I can't really tell you what I would do differently. It's just obviously a battle to get past that name recognition."

Now Congresswoman Northup awaits, with five terms of experience and a war chest full of money.

"That's part of her problem because her money comes from Exxon, her money comes from insurance companies, her money comes from banks," Yarmuth said, again hoping names will be the key to victory.

"Hold her accountable for the damage she and George Bush have done to this country," Yarmuth said. "She has a terrible record she has to defend."

The Congresswoman was not immediately available for comment, but a spokesman called the Yarmuth victory "underwhelming" because only 20 percent of the voters came out for the primary.

He said Congresswoman Northup has received bi-partisan support in the past, and expects to have democratic voters help her to victory in November.

Online Reporter: Eric Flack

Online Producer: Michael Dever