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What is your reaction to the latest headlines regarding the future of Ford Motor Company?

  • MB, Louisville
    Who cares! Ford employee are paid to much, This is why car and truck prices are out of control.
  • JP, Louisville
    Why didn't Ford start at the top of the Salaries and work their way down? Because they could not more afford to be without their paycheck than can the lowliest paid person at Ford. How about imitating Lee Iaccoa and do without a paycheck, commissions or bonuses for one year to help turn Chrysler around? Are they going to become so tiny, another Auto Company, most likely China (they're taking over everything in the US anyhow), will just take over the company? The real culprit in all of this is the Oil Company(s). They are making record profits as per their prosectous and quarterly reports and then try to tell us the reason the gas prices are UP is because the cost to them is rising. If the cost is rising to them, then they are more than compensating for the increase since they are making HUGH profits. Why do we feel $2.50 for a gallon of gas now is cheap? Ford even said the reason they're closing and laying off workers is because of the switch from buyers of 'gas guzzling' vehicles to hybrids. Those little teenie weenie vehicles to haul the chichuahua's in. Try pulling a boat or trailer with one. I haven't heard anyone state if they can handle this particular feature of a good F150 or C2500. Have you? We all have the Oil Companies with the fat execs to thank for all that happened to Ford. Give thanks to Ford Execs too. I didn't hear of any of their behind sides leaving the company. Just like any other LARGE company, they are always TOP heavy with execs. and occassionaly they fire one as a 'Good Will Token' for publicity. If you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem. I LOVE my SUV. I couldn't imagine trying to tote 3 dogs around in a Chichuahua car. I conserve on my trips and fuel. I have even taking up to even a little bit of walking to the corner store. I realize not everyone has this option, but then again, what options have you sat down and figured out you have? Might be more than you think. And also just my 2 cents that the oil companies are not going to always get everytime.
  • Fred, Louisville
    Ford needs to take a look at the upper management. Doing the same thing over and over in the production facility and expecting different results - their decline will continue until they change the way they manage and treat their people. They have got to get aggressive with their product line instead of just talk about it.
  • DH, Louisville
    Way to go America! Keep buying foreign cars! I say we put a 200% tarriff on all cars coming into America!
  • AF, Louisville
    People act shocked this happening, but when you put big oil men in congress and the White House this going to happen. This country voted them in so don't start crying now! Theres a death of the middle class going on right now. Even the upper middle class isn't safe.