Changes Announced For Frazier Arms Museum

(LOUISVILLE) -- It didn't take long for Owsley Brown Frazier to find someone to take over daily operations of his Frazier International History Museum in Louisville.

He's going to do it himself.

The 71-year-old Frazier has spent more than $5 million from his own pocket to shore up the museum, which is world renowned for its collections, especially antique guns.

Frazier has appointed executive director Ed Webb to serve as executive vice president of a new foundation that is intended to stabilize the museum's finances.

Frazier has been paying nearly all of the interest on a $21 million construction loan besides dipping into his own money to keep the museum's operations out of the red.

The museum attracted 205,000 visitors in its first two years, and it has more than 1,200 members. Its annual operating budget is about $4.4 million.

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