The Benefits Of Extended Warranty Coverage

Think about how you take care of your car. Sure, most people can handle the little stuff: checking and topping off fluids, keeping tires inflated to the correct pressure, changing the wiper blades, etc. To keep your car operating at its best, however, you need an occasional tune-up from a trained professional.

Your heating and cooling system is no different. To get the most performance and longest life from your system, it's a good idea to have a professional perform routine checks in the spring and in the fall.

Another way to help ensure that your heating and cooling system works when you need it is through an extended warranty program. That's because, even though most HVAC systems are manufactured to run at top efficiency for years, even the best made equipment can break down.

Extended protection plans, such as the Home Comfort Plan offered by York® Heating and Cooling, pick up where the regular limited warranties on new equipment leave off. When you purchase such a plan, which can last for up to 10 years, it means:

  • No worry about the cost of service calls;
  • No deductibles;
  • No limit on the number of repairs; and
  • Fast and easy access to service through a York dealer.

In addition, a Home Comfort Plan can be transferred to the new owner if you should sell your home during the term of the policy. These programs are often known as HELP (Homeowner's Extended Labor Program) plans, and they ensure that future repairs are completely covered- parts, labor and even sales tax. To learn more about heating & cooling  systems, as well as extended warranty programs, visit or call 1-502-582-2230.