Isaacs & Isaacs Answers Your Frequently Asked Questions

How can we serve you?
Isaacs & Isaacs is a full service, wrongful death and personal injury law firm. Wrongful death and personal injury can be the result of an automobile, truck or motorcycle accident, and product defects.  At Isaacs & Isaacs, we believe in providing each client with the best customer service and personal attention. We have a commitment to excellence and practice law with the highest standards of personal and professional ethics. This is why we have helped thousands of clients claim millions of dollars in benefits. At Isaacs & Isaacs, we believe our success comes from building strong and lasting relationships with our clients and our community. Our qualified team of attorneys are licensed to practice law in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, Virginia and West Virginia.

Do I Have A Case Worth Fighting For?
Automobile Accidents - If you have been injured in an automobile accident, you may be entitled to compensation from the other driver's insurance company, your insurance company, or even the automobile's manufacturer.
Motorcycle Accidents
- Many motorcyclists are involved in traffic accidents. The majority of those accidents are caused by other drivers. When injured in a motorcycle crash, you have the right to seek compensation for your losses.
Truck Accidents - If you have been injured in a truck accident, you could be entitled to compensation from the truck driver's insurance company or even your insurance company

Auto Accidents, Why Should I Not Settle On My Own?
Even a seemingly simple case can turn into disaster if you try to handle it on your own. Imagine settling a case thinking you are all right, only to find out later that you have a serious injury. Unfortunately, you may have given up all your rights to pursue an injury claim. If you have had an accident caused by another party, their insurance is responsible for paying all damages. You should be thoroughly examined by a doctor of your choice before you even think about trying to settle your case. Even if you do not have any broken bones, cuts, lacerations or bruises, you may have sustained a soft tissue injury which could lead to long term problems if left untreated. This is why it is important to be examined by a doctor specializing in the treatment of such injuries and knows what to look for.

What Can I Do to Help My Case?
While we handle most of the paperwork, there are a few things you can do to help your case run efficiently.

1. Do not withhold any information from your attorney.
2. Keep accurate records of your doctor visits. Note a summary of your visit along with a list of any medications and treatments that the doctor prescribes for you.
3. Keep a list of all doctors who have treated your injuries.
4. Try to purchase all of your prescriptions from the same drug store. Keep an accurate record of all your purchases.
5. Send your medical bills and off-work statements from your doctor to Isaacs & Isaacs as soon as possible.
6. Keep a list of any pain and suffering you may undergo. It is important to keep records of how your injuries are improving or getting worse.
7. Also, keep a list of witnesses who can describe difficulties you may have performing daily activities.
8. Inform us of any changes to your personal information. It is pertinent that we have an updated home phone number, work phone number, and home address on file. It is necessary that we are able to reach you at all times.
9. Talk to no one. Please don't talk to the insurance company representatives, attorneys, or investigator about your case unless one of your lawyers is present. If you have already given a statement of any kind, call the office of Isaacs & Isaacs and let us know.
10. Before having your car repaired, be sure to take pictures of the damages, and give them to Isaacs & Isaacs. If you have photos of your injuries, please forward them to the office.
11. Provide us with names and addresses of any witnesses that are not listed on the police report.

Why choose ISAACS & ISAACS?
Our success as personal injury attorneys and highly skilled negotiators has earned us an enviable reputation. However, our success is built on much more. At Isaacs & Isaacs we pride ourselves on:

  • Meticulous preparation
  • Dedication to each individual client
  • Demonstrated results
  • Staying abreast of trends and developments in the law, so that our clients reap the benefits of any changes in the law or new interpretation of existing law
  • There is no better advertisement for any law firm than a satisfied client. Each year, hundreds of our clients receive significant compensation for their suffering and injuries. Whether the amount is great or small, it is always, what we believe to be, the best result anyone could achieve in that particular case
  • You pay nothing until your case is settled