Ways to get a password to buy concert tickets before the general public sale

Step One:
Join a band's fan club. Bands want their fans to be able to get tickets to their shows instead of the seats being bought out by ticket brokers. Fan club members will be sent a pre-sale code that they can use to get the tickets.

Step Two:
Buy an online album. Music sites, such as iTunes, are presenting fans with the option to buy certain band's records and then be offered the chance to get tickets to their shows before they go on sale to the public.

Step Three:
Look online for pre-sale concert codes. Find the codes on blogs and pre-sale code forums that need to be input into Ticketmaster in order to be eligible for pre-sale tickets.

Step Four:
Log on to Ticketmaster after you have received the pre-sale password. Enter the pre-sale code into the required box. You will then be able to see which seats are available.

Step Five:
Purchase the pre-sale tickets. Fill out the requested information and provide payment details. Your tickets are now reserved.
Tips & Warnings
You must remember that even though you have a pre-sale password, you still need to quickly order tickets. Pre-sale tickets are limited to a certain amount of seats.
If you are unable to get a pre-sale code, you can still get pre-sale concert tickets by searching the auctions on eBay and Yahoo Auctions.
Source: Ticketmaster