Viewers share their earthquake stories
I don't have much of a story. Ironically i slept thru the whole thing! I guess we'd been in the crack of the ground before we'd knew what happened!  :)
I was awaken to what felt as something hitting my house. It shook. I got up and looked out the windows to see if something had happened in the neighborhood. I not only felt the house shake, I could hear it shaking. It defiantly caused me concern. I knew it was an earthquake. As a life time resident of Louisville it's the first time in 50+ years I felt an earthquake. I guess the New Madrid fault is for real.
When I got awoke this morning from the earthquake, I wasn't sure what was going on, I have epilepsy and this could have been one of my many seizures. But when I fully woke up I realized what was going on. But to tell the truth, running a support group for epilepsy, SEIGE, I am glad no one got hurt but maybe this gave society an EYE OPENER to what we have to go through day after day. Epilepsy is a "spur" of the moment earthquake illness. No one can fight mother nature.
I laughed when I read your report that it was felt as far north as Kokomo. I live in Kentwood, Michigan, a suburb of Grand Rapids. I was in the bathroom when it began. First the mirror on the wall began shaking which lasted for about 10-15 seconds, something that had never before happened in the 7 ½ years I've lived in the house. Then my whole house shook. I immediately recognized it as an earthquake. So you may revise what you've said to include that it was felt as far north as Grand Rapids, Michigan, which is about 400 miles northeast of Evansville. (I'm originally from the Evansville area.)
This morning I woke up feeling as if I was in a rowboat on the ocean.  At first I thought my husband was playing some strange joke on me, and then I realized he'd been gone to work for two hours already.  When I set up I saw my Persian cat in the hallway she jumped up, turned around meowed really loud and ran down the stairs.  I followed her finding it hard to get down the staircase because they felt as if they were moving sideways.  First thing I did was turned on Wave 3 and found you guys confirming what I thought I'd just experienced an earthquake.  Wow something I don't look forward to going through again any time soon.
I'm so glad that I finally got some imformation confirning an earthquake.I've experience everything that everyone else has.On April 10-08 at round10:30 AM I experence this same exact thing.Please checko on this.The first time I just documented it,didn't call anyone and was home alone.This time my wife and everyone else was my witness that something was going on. This time I called LG&E and they told me it was an earthquake and to turn on the news.
I live in Shepherdsville and I was up getting ready for work and just seconds before the earthquake, Sara our Cockatiel went crazy squawking and flying around in her cage.  This is not typical for her to do both a the same time.  I went to tell her to calm down and that is when I felt the start of the earthquake.  Just thought that it was odd.  Just seem like she knew that something was going to happen.
Freaky weird! My husband and I were both awake early this morning watching television when the whole house started to shake. Our chairs were moving in a back and forth motion, the water in the fish tank was sloshing around and the beaded trim on the lamp shades was swaying back and forth.  We knew it had to have been either an earthquake or an explosion somewhere.  I'm not sure exactly how long it lasted, but less than 30 seconds. We checked the time and it was 4:40 am on the cable box. It was so amazing to find out this morning that there was an earthquake on the Illinois/Indiana line. That's a long way from here!   We wouldn't have felt it if we had been asleep though I'm sure.
I was sound asleep this morning when I was shaken awake and heard my African Gray (parrot) fall off his perch in his cage - he tried to climb back up but was shaken down a second time - I thought that someone had driven into the side of my house - after checking outside and seeing no damage I went back to bed - it wasn't until I was getting ready for work and turned on WAVE 3  that I realized it had been an earthquake.
My sister lives in Saint Charles, IL , and she was awaken when her bed started moving and her window blinds were rattling.  It also woke me here in Vine Grove, Ky. My bed shook and a clock that. I have on my dresser was vibrating.  My husband slept through it all.