TruFit Windows

What makes TruFit better than the competition:

  • All Windows come standard with Low E and Argon Gas to improve the environment (see our FAQ page). Other companies have this available but charge extra in most cases.
  • Can install a window for as low as $188 (any size white vinyl double hung) . We also offer many other styles and options at great prices.
  • We do windows, storm doors, patio doors, wood rot repair, and Glass Replacement.
  • Free In Home Estimates

Why are they named "tru fit"?

It is a "tru fit" for your budget, style, and the environment!

What Does Argon Gas do in a window?

Argon Gas is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, non corrosive and non-flammable.  Argon occurs naturally in the atmosphere, make up about 1% of the air we breathe.  It is about 30% less thermally conductive than air and is therefore used in sealed units to reduce heat loss and heat gain.  Argon is most effective when combined with Low-E glass.  In simple terms, argon gas acts as a barrier between the panes of glass in your window keeping the air outside from coming through.  This keeps your heating and cooling systems from working overtime to keep you comfortable, resulting in lower energy costs.

What is Low E Glass with Argon Gas?  How does it work?

Low E Glass is virtually invisible layer of silver coating that reflects radiant solar energy while letting the visible light shine through.  In the cold months, Low E glass reflects heat inside your home and argon gas provides the extra barrier to keep the cold air out.  In the summer, Low E glass filters out the ultraviolet rays that fade your carpets and dull color from your  furnishings, as well as reflecting the heat away from your windows.

What are the advantages of installing Low E & Argon gas Windows?

  • Lower utility bills (in some cases more cases than 35%)
  • Added Value and Beauty for your home
  • Reducing your energy usage means: YOU SAVE MONEY AND HELP THE ENVIRONMENT!