The 'Village' Learning and Development Center

"The Pastors" has implemented a strategy to impact the education crisis facing our African American and low income children by establishing the "Village Learning and Development Centers providing tutoring, homework help and parent support programs through their churches partnering with JCPS, government and community investors providing opportunities to help our children improve their NCLB reading, math and language scores. Our goal is to have 100 churches join this coalition.

More Grace Ministries
Pastor Cecil Blye Jr.
100 West Ormsby Avenue
Louisville, Ky 40203
Phone: 502.634.2888

Dunamis World Outreach Church
Pastor Shannon C. Cook
3212 Hartlage Court
Louisville, KY 40203
Phone: 502.447.9096

Newburg Church of Christ
Pastor Kenneth Fleming
4700 Indian Trail
Louisville, KY 40218
Phone: 502.966.5171

Energized Baptist Church
Pastor Milton Seymore
3107 Seventh Street Road 40216
Phone: 502.634.0662

Midwest Church of Christ
Pastor Jerry L. Stephenson
2115 Garland Avenue
Louisville, KY 40211
Phone: 502.774.3986

New Golden Star Baptist Church
Pastor James Tennyson
115 Steedly Drive, Louisville, KY 40214
Phone: 502.968.0625

Spirit of Love Center
Pastor Derrick Wilson
4107 West Market Street
Louisville, KY 40212
Phone: 502.775.5354