First Lady Judi Patton Applauds Men Working To End Violence Against Women

(FRANKFORT, Ky., October 1st, 2002, 4 p.m.) -- At a special luncheon at the Executive Mansion Tuesday, First Lady Judi Patton highlighted the accomplishments of 21 men from Kentucky and around the nation who have contributed significantly to ending violence against women. These individuals were honored as a part of Mrs. Patton's White Ribbon Project.

"While women have played the most significant role and served as the underlying spirit of this work for years, thi project stresses that men have a vital role to play as well," explained Mrs. Patton. "It is the goal of the project to inspire other men in Kentucky to become part of the effort to stop violence against women."

Honorees in the White Ribbon Project include public figures, private sector businessmen, university professors, community activists, criminal justice professionals and others.

In alphabetical order, the 21 men recognized Tuesday are:

  1. Charles (Chuck) Adkins
  2. U.S. Senator Joseph R. Biden
  3. Clay M. Bishop
  4. Jerry J. Bowles
  5. Former Governor John Y. Brown, Jr.
  6. Louis C. Camilleri
  7. Paul R. Charron
  8. Billy Ray Cyrus
  9. John T. Dickerson
  10. Senator Jeffrey R. Green (in memoriam)
  11. Sgt. Kenneth R. Jones
  12. Timothy M. Kelly
  13. Dr. Christopher Killmartin
  14. Dr. Dean G. Kilpatrick
  15. Joseph E. Lambert
  16. Peter C. Macdonald
  17. Representative Paul Mason (in memoriam)
  18. Steven S. Reed
  19. Dennis F. Strigl
  20. Dr. Lee Todd, Jr.
  21. Steve A. Wilson