Important alert for subscribers to Frankfort Plant Board Cable

Thousands of WAVE 3 viewers in Franklin County could be losing WAVE 3 on the Frankfort Plant Board Cable in a matter of days. If you are a customer of Frankfort Plant Board Cable, WAVE 3 wants you to know that this station's parent company, Raycom Media, has been attempting to reach agreement with the Frankfort Plant Board Cable.

We want to renew contracts that allow cable companies to carry WAVE 3 on area cable systems, and we've reached agreement with most cable companies that serve our viewers. Some of these contracts are still in negotiations, but the remaining contracts all expire at midnight on December 31st. Frankfort Plant Board Cable is among the handful of cable companies that have not yet come to terms with Raycom to keep WAVE 3 on their channel lineups in 2009. And should this station be removed from your cable system at that time, we wanted to be sure we told you why.

Raycom and WAVE 3 are willing to negotiate with Frankfort Plant Board Cable with the hope that we can conclude an agreement in good faith before WAVE 3 has to be removed from the Frankfort Plant Board Cable when their contract expires.

We certainly don't want to lose any of our viewers. We invite the Frankfort Plant Board Cable customers to contact the cable company if they have questions or concerns.

Answers to frequently asked questions

1. Why is this happening to WAVE 3 TV but not the other television stations in the market?
We believe that our programming is as valuable to the viewers in this community as similar programming may be to viewers in other parts of the country. WAVE 3 TV is not privy to the negotiations with other TV stations in the market and perhaps in time, every station will have their time to negotiate with Frankfort Plant Board Cable. Congress has allowed this to occur knowing that the broadcasters' content is what helps the distributors grow. That negotiation is private, however, since Frankfort Plant Board Cable has been in operation for many years. They have had the opportunity to cover their capital expenses and will have to explain to their viewers why they charge their subscribers for WAVE 3 TV.

2. What are my options for getting WAVE 3 TV's programming?
Other providers will continue to carry WAVE 3 TV's programming without interruption. Alternatively, you may use an antenna and receive WAVE 3 TV over the air free of charge. In fact the US Government will issue you a $40 coupon towards the purchase of a digital converter box to continue watching WAVE 3 TV free over the air in standard and high definition. Contact WAVE-TV at (502) 585-2201 or for more information on the Federal Government's Digital TV coupon program.

3. How do I get in touch with someone at Frankfort Plant Board Cable if I wish to express my views?
You can call Frankfort Plant Board Cable's customer service center (502) 352-4372 or toll free 888-312-4372 or contact them through the Internet at

4. Do I need to call WAVE 3 TV again after contacting Frankfort Plant Board Cable?
No. While we appreciate your input, and welcome your comments it is not necessary to contact us after you have contacted Frankfort Plant Board Cable. Just make sure your voice is heard to the cable company.

5. This is about you making money, isn't it?
Money is important. Almost everyone expects to be paid for the work that they do. WAVE 3 TV is the exclusive outlet for NBC NETWORK programming. While we allow all our viewers to take the programming for personal use for FREE by using an antenna, we won't allow anyone to take the signal and resell it to the public. But Frankfort Plant Board Cable believes it should take our programming and charge people to see it, without compensating WAVE 3 TV for the programs. We are fighting to protect our rights. We are fighting to receive fair compensation. We hope you understand our position.