Freezing temperatures bring spike in electric, gas bills

LIHEAP is designed to help people in Louisville who have a hard time paying their utility bills from January to March.

  State auditor: Kentucky’s unemployment office ignored at least 400,000 emails

Tens of thousands of the state’s jobless claims in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic remained unprocessed until late October.

  Make Ends Meet: Buying a home the right way

The housing market has been on fire with record-low mortgage rates.

  Make Ends Meet: America’s spending, savings and debts

One of the hardest lessons the pandemic has taught many has been monetary.

  Online booking for Kentucky unemployment help now available

The governor's general counsel said with 16 people staffed, the Kentucky Unemployment Office will see about 125 appointments a day.

  Make Ends Meet: Tips to get financially fit this year

A new year is a perfect time to toss out old habits and start anew.

  Make Ends Meet : Money and Marriage

Marriage and money do not always make a perfect match.

  Making Ends Meet: Managing growing debt with a growing family

Regardless of when your family may grow, you must also realize that your debt will grow with your growing family. Everything changes, including how you manage y

  How to protect your credit rating during a pandemic holiday

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc not only on our holiday plans but also on our finances.

  Make Ends Meet: How to have a happy holiday shopping experience

Shoppers who need to save time and money this Christmas while holiday shopping there are ways to win big if they’re in pursuit of the perfect gift.

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Anyone with an investment that's underperforming and losing money should sell it.

  Make Ends Meet: Financial problems abound for many; here’s how to recover

The coronavirus pandemic has altered many aspects of daily life, but there is help out there for many people.

  Eviction assistance programs in Louisville stripped of income requirements

Applicants must be residents of Jefferson County and prove their need for financial assistance, like a copy of an eviction or a past due notice.

  Make Ends Meet: Keeping home ‘sweet’ home in the midst of a pandemic

There are multiple options to make ends meet if you're in danger of losing your home.

  Hundreds in WAVE Country still waiting on unemployment benefits

Many in WAVE Country have been waiting on unemployment benefits, some since the pandemic began in March.

  Make Ends Meet: Free app helps families eat organically and get cash back

Makeena's creators say the app is a friendly, easy, economical way to connect to health, sustainability, and kindness.

  Jefferson Co. residents can qualify for up to 3 months of rental assistance through Eviction Relief Fund

Phones of eviction prevention centers are still ringing and on the other end of the line are concerned residents.

  Beshear announces launch of Healthy at Home Eviction Relief Fund website

Jefferson County isn’t included in the state’s eviction relief fund because the county recently received more than $21 million dollars in federal CARES funding.

  Make Ends Meet: Finding affordable food

As the coronavirus has stressed the nation’s economy, consumers have turned to fighting for hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and now, some food items in local groc

  Make Ends Meet: ‘Drum’ up business for your favorite stores

What would you do to keep your favorite store or restaurant open during and after the COVID-19 pandemic?

  Ky. eviction rule lifted as groups provide resources to keep people in their homes

The goal of groups like Louisville Community Ministries is to connect those in need with a team of people will help them get assistance to stay in their home.

  Report: Kentucky ranked 9th in the nation for public sector job losses

Kentucky is among a minority of states with double-digit losses in public sector jobs and some fear the numbers will get worse.

  Louisville mother of 2 in fear of losing home as evictions set to resume Aug. 1

“I don’t want to be on that list,” Traci Miller said. “My family, we need our home. We can’t be displaced.”

  Freelancers, technicians in arts and entertainment industry still uncertain about future

The extra $600 on unemployment checks from the federal government will be cut off at the end of July unless the government extends it.

  Rental assistance available for Jefferson Co. residents concerned about evictions

Cathy Hinko, executive director of the Metropolitan Housing Coalition, is encouraging tenants and landlords to educate themselves.

  Make Ends Meet: How and when to shop around for healthcare

Asking questions and making the right choices can ensure a person’s health and help them avoid being broke.

  Make Ends Meet: Knowing your spending patterns before retirement

According to the Economic Policy Institute, 40% of households aged 55 to 64 have no retirement nest egg at all.

  Make Ends Meet: How to balance freedom of speech, especially online

Social media platforms designed to bring us together often create a great divide because of something that was said.

  How to make ends meet in an emergency

“You need to make sure that you can sustain yourself if you don’t get a dollar coming in for at least 3 to 6 months,” the CEO of Marshal Wealth Management said.

  College students may be eligible for money through CARES Act

Most college students are ineligible for a federal stimulus check if they are at an age where they can be claimed as a dependent on another person's tax return.

  Make Ends Meet: A guide to apartment living

Communication is key if you're having trouble paying the rent.

  Make Ends Meet: Good credit in hard times

There are some steps you can take now to help keep your credit on solid footing.

  Struggling restaurants looking at another long month of COVID-19 restrictions

Some restaurants haven't been able to stay afloat with takeout and curbside orders.

  As some Kentuckians push for rent forgiveness, others say it’s unconstitutional, unnecessary

A local attorney cites national data, updated last week, showing there's only been a slight decrease so far of people not being able to pay their rent.

  Your car insurance policy may help you make ends meet

Many insurance companies have not only noticed fewer cars and dangers on the road, but they have recalculated bills because of it.

  Make Ends Meet: The real deal on stimulus checks

A senior attorney for the Louisville Legal Aid Society’s Economic Stability Unit, provided some answers to a few questions about the economic impact payments.

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These tricks can help you stretch your budget and the meals you prepare.