College students may be eligible for money through CARES Act

Most college students are ineligible for a federal stimulus check if they are at an age where they can be claimed as a dependent on another person's tax return.

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Communication is key if you're having trouble paying the rent.

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There are some steps you can take now to help keep your credit on solid footing.

  Struggling restaurants looking at another long month of COVID-19 restrictions

Some restaurants haven't been able to stay afloat with takeout and curbside orders.

  As some Kentuckians push for rent forgiveness, others say it’s unconstitutional, unnecessary

A local attorney cites national data, updated last week, showing there's only been a slight decrease so far of people not being able to pay their rent.

  Your car insurance policy may help you make ends meet

Many insurance companies have not only noticed fewer cars and dangers on the road, but they have recalculated bills because of it.

  Make Ends Meet: The real deal on stimulus checks

A senior attorney for the Louisville Legal Aid Society’s Economic Stability Unit, provided some answers to a few questions about the economic impact payments.

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These tricks can help you stretch your budget and the meals you prepare.

  Make Ends Meet: Bear vs. bull stock market

The stock market can be tricky to navigate, and in a time like now, with so many uncertainties, many are wondering what to do.

  Make Ends Meet: Manage your mortgage payments during COVID-19 crisis

Homeowners who have lost income because of the coronavirus crisis now fear they may also lose their homes.

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According to Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, direct deposits should begin by April 17.

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A Pew Charitable Trust survey found 81% of borrowers from payday loan companies said they knew they could cut back on expenses rather than take a loan out.

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Unless you're lucky enough to have a full pension and benefits, most of us will need to work until at least age 66 to save enough money for retirement.

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If you're not going to file your return right away, just make sure you beat the April 15 deadline.

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Financial professional Tim Riney from Family Wealth Group has five questions that will test whether you’re financially compatible with your valentine.

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It's never too early in life to learn to save, share, and spend wisely.

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Because of changes to the tax code, the 2019 tax season was a year of bad surprises.

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In Kentucky, the average cost of a funeral is about $9,000 and that doesn't include costs for the cemetery, grave marker, and flowers.

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