JCTC opens downtown facility for information technology and advanced manufacturing

A new addition to Louisville’s college scene may have just opened the door to new career paths for thousands of potential students.

  Black students, educators demand safety and equity to reopen Louisville schools

During the event, organizers outlined several demands, addressing both the pandemic and social justice.

  Some Oldham Co. families sticking with at-home learning despite school board decision

On Monday, the Oldham County School Board voted to approve a rotating, “A-B” return to learning for middle and high schools.

  ‘It was bound to happen’: Charlestown HS student tests positive for COVID-19 on 3rd day of school

A high school student tested positive for COVID-19 three days into the Greater Clark County School year.

  Southern Indiana school revisits first week of in-person instruction

Students at Christian Academy of Indiana have been back in class for just over a week and they are adjusting to changes that will keep everyone safe.

  Imagination Library helping families during pandemic

Keeping kids busy during the coronavirus pandemic has been tough for parents.

  ‘It doesn’t make any sense:’ Childcare center owner says industry getting crushed by COVID-19

Daycare and childcare centers were forced to close in March. When many reopened in June, they had lost much of their enrollment.

  COVID School: The latest option for parents struggling with NTI

The COVID School at Abigail Academy in Louisville offers two adults leading up to ten girls through NTI a day.

  Schools struggle to find agreement on meaning of ‘safe’ during COVID-19

Teachers in Kentucky and Indiana can find no clear cut benchmarks on how COVID-19 numbers might affect future decisions on classroom learning.

  10 siblings, 1 Chromebook: JCPS family hoping for more technology in the fall

The Mohamed family is from Kenya and struggled to keep up with NTI in the spring.

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  How getting kids in a routine now can make the school year easier

Whether it’s going to be in-person learning or NTI, parents and kids need to start preparing for more structure and changes.

  Greater Clark County Schools return to classroom

Students are back in class in Southern Indiana, as Greater Clark County Schools return to in-person learning.

  Public health officials revise Kentucky’s Healthy at School plan, say contract tracing to be in ‘full force’ by start of school

A system of about 1,100 contact tracers statewide is expected to be in full force by the time the fall semester starts.

  Oldham County Board of Education approves August 24 start date for students

Students in Oldham County Schools will begin the upcoming school year on August 24 following a vote in Monday night’s Board of Education meeting.

  Teacher tutors hope to assist parents with NTI

With many school districts already announcing they’re going back to non-traditional instruction, more help is popping up for parents.

  JCPS produce distribution ends this week, meals continue

Jefferson Co. Public School officials said the district distributes 300,000 meals in a normal summer. This summer the district served nearly 2,000,000 meals.

  Start date pushed back 2 weeks for New Albany Floyd County Schools

All students still have a completely virtual option to do schoolwork at home if they choose. Classes resume on Aug. 12.

  Louisville Urban League gives free laptops to 22 students

In the new work and study at home lifestyle, laptops are essential.

  JCPS promises parents NTI 2.0 will be more consistent

JCPS will use a shorter list of high-quality programs like Google Classroom district-wide and offer more tech support to families and teachers.

  JCPS parents looking to move kids to private schools to avoid NTI 2.0

With NTI, hands-on experience with an instructor is harder to come by.

  Mask requirement, COVID-19 procedures announced as Hoosiers head back to school

It was back to school, and back to the classroom, for some in Southern Indiana on Wednesday.

  JCPS teacher gets child to talk through NTI learning

Many parents across WAVE Country are trying to figure out how they are going to manage NTI learning once again.

  What will happen to JCPS bus drivers while kids learn from home?

JCPS voted Tuesday night to start school off with NTI for the first six weeks, so where does that leave nearly 1,000 drivers?

  JCPS board unanimously votes to start school year with NTI

The Jefferson County Board of Education is voting on whether to start the 2020-21 school year with non-traditional instruction.

  Borden-Henryville schools delay start by two weeks as issues arise during pandemic

Board members say everything the district needs to get done is expected to be sorted out by the start of term.

  Louisville Metro councilman calls on JCPS to reconsider NTI, releases recommendations

With Jefferson County Public Schools expected to start the fall semester with non-traditional instruction, District 17 Metro Council member Markus Winkler is as

  As NTI goes back into homes, agencies offer school share

Many JCPS parents are scrambling to figure out how to work and provide their kids with non-traditional instruction help.

  JCPS parents concerned about possibly starting school year at home

For families with several children, sharing one Chromebook is an issue they're not looking forward to dealing with again.

  Borden-Henryville schools delay start by two weeks as issues arise during pandemic

Not all of the district's Chromebooks are available yet, and some schools still don't have air conditioning.

  NTI return could mean more digital disadvantages for some families

If the Jefferson County Board of Education votes to continue non-traditional instruction into the 2020-21 academic year, that could add to a lot of stressors pa

  JCPS parents look for alternatives to in-home remote learning

Helping their students through lessons at home last spring was tough enough for JCPS parents, and now they are also looking for ways to overcome the loss of soc

  Pollio recommends NTI to begin JCPS school year

JCPS Superintendent Dr. Marty Pollio announced Thursday that he will recommend to the school board to begin the 2020-21 school year with at-home learning.

  Pediatrician parents say not going back to school poses big risk

many pediatricians who happen to be parents are saying it may be a big mistake for districts not to send children back to the classroom.

  Recommendations for upcoming JCPS school year to be announced Thursday by superintendent

"We have to make sure we are meeting the needs of all of our students somehow," JCPS District 1 board member Diane Porter said.

  Gov. Holcomb announces plans for PPE in schools as Indiana stalls at ‘Stage 4.5′ of reopening plan

As case numbers continue to rise, the state has experienced testing supply issues and longer wait times for test results.

  Local doctor breaks down how COVID-19 impacts school age children

Dr. Kris Bryant says parents’ fears of sending their kids back to school may be warranted because kids are not immune to the coronavirus.

  JCPS evaluating options for restarting school in August

The district is trying to determine between in-person learning with an option for a Virtual Academy, or non-traditional instruction.