Carjacking victim says suspects stole car at gunpoint before leading police on chase in Louisville, Oldham Co.

The car the two suspects were in matched the description of a Lexus that reported stolen in an armed carjacking in Louisville.

  Some Oldham Co. families sticking with at-home learning despite school board decision

On Monday, the Oldham County School Board voted to approve a rotating, “A-B” return to learning for middle and high schools.

  Oldham County Fair scheduled for next week

Higher-ups are concerned about the spread of COVID-19.

  81-year-old Oldham Co. pediatrician celebrates 50 years of service

Dr. Gerald Sturgeon has treated three generations of families in Kentucky.

  Oldham County Board of Education approves August 24 start date for students

Students in Oldham County Schools will begin the upcoming school year on August 24 following a vote in Monday night’s Board of Education meeting.

  Hermitage Farm opens for tours and dine-in guests

For the first time, you can now take tours of the historic Hermitage Farm in Goshen. It's a venture that was pushed back by the ongoing global health crisis.

  11-year-old entrepreneur raises funds for the community serving ice cream

Calli Halaris started making the sweet treat after getting her hands on an ice cream maker; then one sale led to another.

  Oldham Co. back home after 43-day battle with COVID-19

43 days ago, it only seemed like Ruth Moore had one battle to fight: her battle with cancer.

  The show goes on at drive-in theater in Oldham Co.

There’s a new norm across the United States called social distancing, but the show must go on in some cases.

  Retired racehorse beats impossible odds

A thoroughbred named Inked is finally back in his old Kentucky home.

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  LaGrange church giving away meals to those in need

HighPoint Charitable Services helps out the community by providing free meals and more.

  Churches plan Sunday services at Oldham Co drive-in

If all goes as planned, the Sauerbeck Family Drive-In Theater in La Grange could be full of cars on Easter Sunday, allowing worshipers from seven churches.

  Bomb squad called to La Grange after suspicious bag found

A bomb squad had to be called in to inspect a package that was found.

  Lawn equipment worth thousands of dollars stolen from both a business and a non-profit

The most recent case caught the crooks on camera at a Crestwood business early Tuesday morning.

  Presents found on side of road, family looking for rightful owner

These presents were found on the side of the road in a neighborhood in Buckner.

  Historic 1850s farmhouse in Prospect demolished, complaint filed

A photo of the home now lays where the house was leveled. It was being considered for a landmark.

  Man accused of setting home on fire with kids inside, placing loaded rifles around property, hiding in bush from police

Police were called to a home in Westport on Sunday after Richard Brown reportedly set it on fire with children inside.

  Louisville teen’s recovery story helps secure grant for Oldham County Humane Society

The Humane Society of Oldham County received $50,000 from the Petco Foundation on Wednesday.

  Friends of Thorntons clerk killed relieved after arrest, hopeful second suspect is found

The Oldham County Police Department, with the help of the Louisville Metro Police Department, arrested Terry Larue, 55.

  Thorntons employee injured during Thanksgiving robbery dies 6 days later

Ralph Shain was injured during a robbery of a Thorntons store in Oldham County on Thanksgiving night. He died from his injuries on Dec. 5.

  Clerk dies after trying to stop shoplifters on Thanksgiving

The crime happened on Thanksgiving night on US Highway 42 near the Oldham-Jefferson County line.

  Response, not intent, the focus of KSP investigation into troopers’ shooting into neighbor’s apartment

The family of five who lives downstairs aren’t happy with the way the troopers handled the Saturday shooting incident that left a hole in their ceiling.

  Report: KSP trooper shoots bullet into neighbor’s apartment

A KSP trooper said he didn't realize a round was in the chamber of a rifle that went off and fired into his downstairs neighbor's ceiling.

  Man's death at Falling Rock Park Quarry remains a mystery

By the time someone spotted 62-year-old Dennis Price at the Falling Rock Park Quarry, it was too late.

  Flood concerns worry residents living near new development

Prospect residents are fighting a new proposed subdivion because of flooding concerns.

  Landscaper's loved ones grieving after bizarre workplace death

Angelica Ramirez said news of her husband flipping over and dying in a pond under his lawnmower was shocking.

  Racial, sexual graffiti targets Oldham County school officials

Investigators are trying to figure out who was seen on surveillance video vandalizing Oldham County High School over the weekend.