Gov. Beshear leaves baseball tournament with son after observing a lack of COVID-19 precautions

Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear had plans to watch his son play baseball Sunday, but that all changed quickly.

  Kentucky Supreme Court stays Beshear’s COVID-19 orders

The Kentucky Supreme Court on Friday ruled to keep Gov. Andy Beshear’s COVID-19 restrictions in place for now.

  ’Standing on quicksand’: McConnell meets with Grayson Co. hospital staff adapting to pandemic challenges

The CEO of the hospital says one of the biggest challenges moving forward will be supplying the hospital with ample PPE as the pandemic continues.

  Court of appeals judge strikes down Gov. Beshear’s order limiting size of child care center classrooms

The lawsuit was filed in Boone County. It raises childcare center capacities and lifts race track limitations at the same time.

  McConnell urges use of face masks, has ‘total’ confidence in Fauci

Mitch McConnell was in Shelbyville on Wednesday, speaking with reporters and thanking frontline health care workers.

  Congress steps closer to oversight of horse racing

The Horse Racing Integrity Act took another step closer to passage in the House as supporters testified before the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

  Youth helmet law intent is awareness, not fines

Indiana parents could face fines if their kids aren’t wearing helmets when riding bikes, skateboards or scooters on public property.

  AG Daniel Cameron asks FBI to investigate Bevin’s pardons

Convicted murderer Patrick Baker served just two years of a 19-year sentence.

  U.S. Attorney Coleman examining pardon recipient cases for possible federal crimes

U.S. Attorney Russell Coleman told reporters Monday he will determine if any of the state inmates pardoned by former Gov. Matt Bevin also committed any federal

  Sources: Bevin under FBI Probe

Sources tell WAVE 3 News the Federal Bureau of Investigations officially opened an investigation into Matt Bevin about two weeks ago.

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  Bevin pardons receive criticism over racial make-up

From questions of judgment to political corruption, the last-minute pardons granted by former Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin have received a wide range of critici

  ‘It’s not acceptable to me’: U.S. Attorney Russell Coleman talks Louisville violence, blames LMPD budget cuts

“That's not acceptable, it’s not acceptable to me,” Coleman said of Louisville's spike in violence in 2019.

  Critics react to Matt Bevin’s pardon comments

Jaw-dropping comments made by former governor Matt Bevin have sparked public outrage.

  Matt Bevin’s Pardons: Who’s saying what?

Former Governor Matt Bevin's last-minute pardons have caught the eye of national outlets, as well as anger from several parties across the state and nation.

  Beshear appoints new Kentucky Board of Education, current board files lawsuit

Hours into his administration, Gov. Andy Beshear signed his first executive order, replacing the board of education appointed by former governor Matt Bevin.

  Inauguration celebrations continued Tuesday with Grand March, two galas

A busy Tuesday in Frankfort ended in an evening of celebration as Governor Andy Beshear and Lt. Gov. Jacqueline Coleman were publicly sworn-in to office.

  Teachers, students attend Gov. Beshear's inauguration

Teachers, students attend Gov. Beshear's inauguration

  State lawmakers discuss red flag law

State lawmakers began a discussion about a red flag law Friday in Frankfort.

  McConnell discusses impeachment, gubernatorial race

After receiving his award, McConnell discussed Governor-elect Andy Beshear’s recent win and the current presidential impeachment process.

  Beshear hopes for better ‘tone’ in Frankfort

“In this administration, every one counts and absolutely everybody matters,” Beshear said of his transition team.

  Local leaders react to Bevin’s succession, Beshear’s victory

Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin made a concession speech Thursday after a recanvass yielded no major changes in his losing bid for reelection.

  Bevin concedes: ‘We’re going to have a change in the governorship’

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin announced Thursday that he won’t contest the results of the recanvass that took place today.

  Congressman John Yarmuth looks at KY elections and sees decline in President’s popularity

Congressman John Yarmuth said he looks forward to Andy Beshear taking office as Kentucky’s next governor.

  McConnell predicts Beshear will become Governor

Senator Mitch McConnell predicted democrat Andy Beshear will become Kentucky’s next governor, but he declined to say if he thinks Governor Matt Bevin should con

  Beshear declares victory; Bevin won’t concede

Watched closely by many across the country, Kentucky’s contentious race for governor has tilted in Andy Beshear’s favor, but the Associated Press is reporting t

  President Trump makes trip to Lexington for Bevin, met with support and protests

People after the rally said they were excited, and energized before Election Day, but there were also people outside of Rupp Arena protesting.

  Local students learn about importance of voting

Many schools around WAVE Country closed on Tuesday for Election Day, but one school in session took the opportunity to teach kids about the importance of voting

  Republican, independent try to unseat New Albany Mayor Jeff Gahan

The mayoral election now just one week away, voters in New Albany will take to the polls to determine who will take over the top job.

  Pension crisis a big focus in KET governor debate

Just a week away from Kentucky’s general election, Governor Matt Bevin and his Democratic challenger Andy Beshear faced off in another fiery debate on Monday.

  Young Republican, former educator hope to claim open special election seat

On Election Day, those in Grayson County and part of Hardin County will be voting in a special election.

  Kentucky's Republican candidates caravan across the state

The gathering was part of a statewide bus tour giving a chance for constituents to meet who they might be voting for in the upcoming election.

  KY Secretary of State warns of errors in thousands of voter records ahead of election day

A Circuit Court ordered 175 thousand Kentucky voters reinstated to the voter rolls after being removed for inactivity, but with asterisk.

  City sends a bill to President Trump and other presidential candidates

The city of Louisville sent invoices to the presidential campaigns of President Trump, Senator Bernie Sanders and Congressman Tim Ryan seeking payment for polic

  McConnell ad cashes in on impeachment issue

In a social media ad, McConnell asks for donations, saying a Senate majority under his leadership is the best way to stop impeachment.

  Bevin announces infrastructure grant for Bullitt County

Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin on Friday announced a grant for Bullitt County, $350,000 of which will be earmarked for roadway repairs.

  Panel aimed at getting young Louisvillians to vote in November

Getting Millennials and Gen Z to vote in upcoming elections: It's a task being taken on by a number of groups across the country.

  Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg campaigns in Louisville

Buttigieg visited Play nightclub on Tuesday to talk about his campaign plans.