Behind the Forecast: How weather can trigger migraines

Everything from sunlight to high humidity to dry air can be potential migraine triggers.

  Behind the Forecast: 5G versus accurate forecasting

  Behind the Forecast: How the heat index is calculated

  Behind the Forecast: Summer heat and alcohol don’t mix

  Behind the Forecast: What the UV index really means

  Behind the Forecast: Raining cats and dogs

  Behind the Forecast: Bolts from the blue

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  Flood covered roads lead to dozens of water rescues in June for Jackson County

  Behind the Forecast: Dog days of Summer

  Behind the Forecast: The true ‘calm before the storm’

  Behind the Forecast: Protecting pets in the summer heat

  Behind the Forecast: Why the Coriolis Effect doesn’t affect your toilet

  Behind the Forecast: Gravity Waves

Behind the Forecast: The Kentucky Derby vs. Kentucky weather

It’s horse-racing time and weather can place a pivotal role in the races themselves and even the revelry around the races (as we learned with the deluge on last year’s Kentucky Derby). Some that, of course, is key to all horse races (other than the horses and jockeys) is the track.

  Behind the Forecast: Weathering cellphone trouble

The heat and cold can significantly damage your smartphone. Meteorologist Tawana Andrew explains now in this week's Science Behind the Forecast.

  Behind the Forecast: Science behind sunsets

Meteorologist Tawana Andrew explains why sunrises and sunsets appear the way they do in this week's Science Behind the Forecast.

  Behind the Forecast: How rain can ruin your TV time

Rain is not the only thing that can ruin your satellite television viewing. Meteorologist Tawana Andrew explains in this week's Science Behind the Forecast.

  Behind the Forecast: How weather affects you and your pet’s allergies

  Behind the Forecast: Crepuscular rays - Nature’s sunshine spotlight

As the days begin to warm, don’t forget the helmet when going on a bike ride

  Behind the Forecast: The hair-raising truth about humidity

  Behind the Forecast: Buzz behind weather’s impact on bees

  Ever wonder what causes potholes? Meteorologist Justin Logan breaks it down

  Behind the Forecast: The striking interaction between lightning and planes

With millions of planes flying and hundreds of thousands of thunderstorms across the United States every year, what happens when lightning strikes an aircraft? Meteorologist Tawana Andrew explains in this week's Science Behind the Forecast.

  Ohio River flooding continues to impact those in WAVE Country

Even though Ohio River flooding isn’t as bad as last year, it’s still making an significant impact in WAVE Country

Governor declares state of emergency due to heavy rainfall across Kentucky

The Governor’s executive order enables the mobilization of state resources to be to be utilized in support of cities and counties as needed.

  Behind the Forecast: The salty situation wrecking roads

Is the salt used to keep our roads safe in the winter damaging them? Meteorologist Tawana Andrew has the answer in this week's Science Behind the Forecast.

Belterra, Horseshoe Southern Indiana casinos reopen after flooding

Horseshoe Southern Indiana Casino is reopen after closing for several days due to flooding concerns.

  Behind the Forecast: Outwitting the weather when baking

Don't let the weather ruin your sweet treats. Learn how to avoid weather impacting your baking in this week's Science Behind the Forecast with Meteorologist Tawana Andrew.

  High waters close Highway 111, Horseshoe Casino

The high water is keeping visitors away from the popular casino and some residents are stuck at home.

  Residents in Riviera Subdivision prepare for flooding

Some homes and restaurants have packed up their important belongings and are being proactive ahead of the flooding.

River Road restaurants go underwater, close until Ohio River receeds

River House Restaurant and Raw Bar and Levee at the River House previously said they would remain open until they couldn't. On Tuesday, both restaurants announced they would be closed until the river goes down, starting on Wednesday.

Henry County roadway closed due to mudslide

It will be several days before crews will be able to clean up the road and stabilize the mudslide.

Louisville officials explain dangers of driving through high waters as list of road closures grow

Louisville officials can't stress it enough: "Turn around, don't drown" when it comes to high water in roadways.

  Restaurants along River Road brace for flooding

Some restaurants along River Road are packing up and evacuating ahead of this weeks flooding, while others say they're going to wait and see what happens.

  Behind the Forecast: When cold makes the ground shake

When temperatures drop quickly, sometimes it can cause the ground to rupture. Learn more in this week's Science Behind the Forecast with Meteorologist Tawana Andrew

  Feeling a little under the weather? You could be suffering from winter allergies

We typically associate allergies with spring and summer, but there are allergens that can cause problems during the winter too.

  Behind the Forecast: Planes, power plants and precipitation

Are power plants increasing snowfall? It happens all the time. Meteorologist Tawana Andrew explains the phenomenon in this week's Science Behind the Forecast.

  Behind the Forecast: When freezing fog leads to snow

Meteorologist Tawana Andrew explains how freezing fog forms and how it can cause snow in this week's Science Behind the Forecast.

  Wednesday marks 25 years since 1994 winter storm paralyzed city

In January 1994, Louisville, and much of Kentucky saw one of the worst winter weather events in its history.

  Behind the Forecast: Climate vs Chocolate

Will warmer temperatures eat away at our chocolate supply? Meteorologist Tawana Andrew explains how the warmth affects cacao trees in this week's Science Behind the Forecast.

  Behind the Forecast: Behind the National Weather Service

The National Weather Service provides vital weather information important to the protection of lives and property across the country.

  Behind the Forecast: Flake News: How snow-to-liquid ratios impact snow type, totals

Just like snowflakes are unique, so are snowstorms. Meteorologist Tawana Andrew explains how snow-to-liquid ratios impact snow totals in this week's Science Behind the Forecast.

  Behind the Forecast: The truth about nature’s UFOs

While often mistaken for UFOs, lenticular clouds are definitely of this world and a unique weather phenomenon.

  Behind the Forecast: Brutal cold means boozy tendencies, study finds

Find yourself reaching for an extra glass of wine during the winter? A recent study says the colder weather may be driving your urge to drink.

  Behind the Forecast: Waffles and Weather - Disaster preparedness at its best

#scatteredsmotheredandrecover is more than a hashtag to Waffle House, it's proof of their dedication to disaster preparedness and the communities they serve. Learn about the Waffle House Index on this week's Science Behind the Forecast.

  Behind the Forecast: Do’s and don’ts of protecting pets in the winter

Winter can be dangerous for pets. Meteorologist Tawana Andrew breaks down how you can protect them in this week's Science Behind the Forecast.

  Behind the Forecast: Why your car thermometer is often wrong

Meteorologist Tawana Andrew explains why the temperature on your car's dashboard may be wrong and why it's bad to leave a car idling in the cold.

  Behind the Forecast: Why bridges get slick before roads

When driving you see the signs all the time, "Bridge Freezes Before Road." But why does that happen?

  Behind the Forecast: How wind chill is calculated

With much colder temperatures in the forecast for the upcoming week, the wind chill will have a big impact on our plans and, of course, our outfits.

  Behind the Forecast: Jet Stream

The jet stream is responsible for pushing highs and lows across the world and the mark the borders between colder and warmer air masses.

  Behind the Forecast: Turbulence

The severity of the turbulence depends on what instigates it and the stability of the atmosphere.

  Behind the Forecast: Frost

Frost is common this time of year as temperatures begin to drop. So how does it form?

  Behind the Forecast: Atmospheric Rivers

Atmospheric rivers are responsible for bringing necessary rains to drought-ridden areas and causing flooding in others.

  Behind the Forecast: Subtropical storms

It’s still hurricane season so talk of tropical storms is quite normal. The term “subtropical storm” sometimes pops up at this time of year. So what is it?

  Behind the Forecast: Weather Balloons

Weather balloons are a vital part of how meteorologists get information about our atmosphere.

  Behind the Forecast: How hurricanes form

Since hurricanes are the main thing dominating weather news at the moment, let’s break down what ingredients that are needed for a hurricane to form.

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