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Woman charged with letting dogs freeze and starve to death

Shirley Moorman Shirley Moorman
Jackie Gulbe Jackie Gulbe

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LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A Louisville woman is charged with animal torture and cruelty after police found a dog and a puppy frozen to death in the backyard of her Newburg home.

Police say the animals were kept outside in extreme cold, freezing rain, and snow for a week in the 5100 block of Garden Green Way.

It was a city crew that first noticed the animals while inspecting a nearby house. The dog was chained to the fence and the puppy was still in a crate.

"I don't understand it, in this day and time to be so cruel," said Shirley Moorman, who lives nearby.

An imprint in the ground shows where Metro Animal Services found a 4-6 month old pit bull mix frozen to death.

"A slow, painful death, that shouldn't be tolerated by anyone," said Jackie Gulbe with Metro Animal Services.

An 8-week-old pit mix puppy was found nearby frozen in a cage and next to an iced over bowl of drinking water.

"Young animals don't tolerate the cold like a healthy adult animal, and on top of that these animals didn't have a lot of fur, a little more to protect them, even though that does a minimal amount," said Gulbe.

An arrest report points to Karen Williams who told police she knew the dogs were outside, but says she was not responsible for them. Instead she points to her son, who police are now looking for.

"I have never heard of anybody that just deliberately lets pets lay there and die in their yard," said Moorman. "That's inhumane."

Moorman says she can't believe this happened so close to home. "Standing right here you can hear dogs just two doors away, so it's not like you couldn't go knock on your neighbor's door if you didn't have dog food or something I mean everybody would have helped you out," said Moorman.

The dogs were less than two miles away from an animal adoption center.

"It really makes me sad and disheartened, because most people in this area love pets and love animals," said Moorman.

WAVE 3 spoke with Williams' mother, who also lives in the home. She says she didn't know the dogs were left outside and that this situation is being blown out of proportion.

Metro Animal Services urges if you suspect an animal not being cared for properly to call authorities.

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